Since when do you agree with anyone about us policing the world? I don’t agree with this. We should mind our own business.

I agree when it directly affects the USA, as it does with Mexican drug cartels. Kill them like the vermin they are. Welcome back, btw.

When did you get back to Vancouver?

Although unlikely, there is a chance the Canucks and Bruins will meet in the Stanley cup finals.

The last Canadian team to win the Stanley cup was the Montreal Canadiens in 1993. Since then, the Canadiens have been the worst team in the NHL.

Thank you, Reg. The only problem I have with that statement is that you seem to prefer open borders.

If bannon had testified, the Jan 6 Unselect Committee would have sentenced him to years in prison. Even if he had pleaded the 5th, he would have been convicted.

Bannon is fat.

I missed this earlier. I got back to Vancouver a few days ago. I have totally lost interest in hockey to the point where I don’t even know who won the Stanley Cup. F1 too. I might follow the Olympics, and will likely follow the World Cup (men’s, I don’t care who wins the women’s), and I might watch the Turkish women’s volleyball team defend their world title. That’s it for pro sports for me.

Okay, this guy may have overpainted Trump’s physical strength but he does an excellent job demonstrate mental strength and Trump’s strong will to fight the good fight for all of us. I like it.

“Everything I said is unbeknownst to me.” lol

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Hopefully it was damaged and he’ll have to fly commercial. I doubt he could fit into economy.

Yes, I’m sure that would scar him for life. However, Trump has a fleet of aircraft, including 2 helicopters.

Yes, he has two 30-40 year old planes, his 757 and a small Cessna Citation which seats 12. His big 757 is 33 years old, from your article.

Nikki Haley just endorsed Trump. Stupid prostitute. He mocks her in every way for months and she turns around and kisses his ass. This is the Republican way. Trump mocked Ted Cruz’s dead dad and Cruz stood up to him like a man. For 30 seconds. Then he spent the next 8 years kissing Trump’s ass. Same for Rubio, DeSantis, Lindsey Graham and all the other Republican whores.

Republicans are truly gutter trash.

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Dwelling place of swamp rats.

I wonder what her donors think of that. Serves them right.