That New York judge is not going to get away with abusing his judicial power.

Michele, what will you do when Monday arrives and there’s no trucker boycott to New York?

What will you do when there is?

Espionage is the appropriate charge since there is evidence his campaign was spied on from the very beginning.

Are you concerned he will run out of money?

This is so great. He has been bankrupt many times before. I love to see it happen again, but this time much worse. Let him be bankrupt and incarcerated, and may he live a long, long, long time.

After 6 days, the trump go fund me page for legal fees has raised 939000 USD. It only needs to raise another 354,000 000 and that doesn’t include lawyer fees.


You forgot interest.

Civil Fraud Penalty (total, including interest): $454 million
Rape Libel 1: $5 million
Rape Libel 2: $83.3 million

My calculation is that he owes $542.3 million, plus about a hundred grand a day in interest.

PS: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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He’s going to have to sell more golden running shoes.

Did you contribute yet?


I’m bringing you the truth in news and that is contributing.


I’m happy to see Haley crushed. I don’t think she is better than Trump. My hope lies in Trump being confirmed solidly as the nominee and then incarcerated before the election.

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At least you have hope. I question if there will be an election.

There we differ. I do not question if there will be an election. I only wish there would not be an election. I don’t much believe in democracy these days.

Do you think there will be a war Michele? How would we not have one? Unless both candidates die before November.

She is obviously implying that Biden will suspend the election and declare himself president for life. Which I wouldn’t necessarily be against, come to think of it. As long as half of your country remains insane, I’m not sure this one-man-one-vote stuff is such a good idea.

I know all the cliches. I know I am the monster I despise and all that. The fact is that the consequences are too great for such platitudes. We could all find ourselves dead in a radioactive glow after a nuclear war that the Obese Orange Oaf started on a whim, saying from our graves, “at least we stayed true to our democratic principles, and Trump won fair and square”.

That would be an interesting tactic.

My first choice is non-violent lawfare. Incarcerate Trump. Perhaps incarcerate Haley too for no reason other than to protect the US from lunatics. Biden is a senile old fool but he’s less dangerous than those other two.