And imagine what she calls him. Two of the most toxic people on the planet.

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Hi Ben! I admit, nothing came of the classified materials thing, although we still don’t know what the supposedly upcoming indictment is all about. Trump’s own lawyers say he’s going to be indicted.

This is looking hopeful. I still hold out a bit of hope that he might be sentenced to prison.

I said NY finance. Looks like I was wrong. Could be health too.

I would be happy if the correct answer is Stormy Daniels.

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My dental hygienist’s name is Stormy.

I wonder how many lawyers this guy has. I wonder if he’ll pay them lol.

Doesn’t look like many people are going to protest.

Trump might have gotten the day wrong. Could be Wednesday. What a loser.

…against him. Trumps base will always support him.

Braggs may have prematurely snorted the white powder gift.

Wasn’t Trump supposed to be indicted last week?

Anyway, the last 7 years have made me jaded. I do not think it likely they will get a conviction, which will just further embolden the disgusting Orange Idiot.

Didn’t Braggs weak case fall apart?

Me too, dog-tired.

I don’t think so either and even though the Bible says to not trust in man who cannot save us, at least Trump believes in his own mind that he is fighting for what’s right and good.

I agree with this. The problem is that, for the repulsive blob of orange blubber, “what’s right and good” is whatever benefits him personally. He would destroy his country if it meant keeping power, and that would be “right and good” to him. The only comfort I can take is that men like that never have peace. They are always in turmoil and angst. At least we know he will suffer horribly in life and then die, hopefully soon.

Don’t include me in your satanic prayers.

It looks like he was indicted after all.

I refuse to be hopeful. My guess is he’s found not guilty.

I agree.

This is political assassination.

I hope so.

I hope Trump buys himself a dream team of attorney’s. DA Braggs seems like a bad person.