Sarah palin lost again. Nice.

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Proper etiquette would be something like, Mary Peltola wins bid to serve full term in the House for Alaska, but whatever.

That would suck all the joy out of celebrating Sarah Palin’s total failure, and would deprive us of the innocent pleasure of enjoying her misery.

So you don’t even care that a Democrat won? Weird but okay.

It is more important to me that Sarah Palin lost than that the democrat won in this case. I dislike her.

Dear Lord! I hope there’s a valid reason.

As if anyone really thinks there will be a fair investigation. These people are thick as thieves, and they are not going to cut Trump any slack, ever, although they do pretend they are doing a great service for America.

Is this etiquette advice you are attempting to give, or are you just stating your opinion?

I would never take etiquette advice from you.

Well, it started out as a joke but now it’s advice and if you don’t like it I advise you to get over it.

Rude, but you can put me on ignore and I’ll return the favor.

Foolishness but whatever.

If i find someone has low morals, I would take advice from them to improve skills (cooking, chess, etc…). I would never take etiquette advice from them.

Let me give you a cheap piece of advice. Don’t ever take cooking advice from a woman with low morals, but don’t take my advice.

Michele, do you support Russia’s bombing of the Ukrainian power grid?

A better question is do you support it.

No, I do not support the Russian bombing campaign against the Ukrainian power grid. I feel it amounts to terrorism, and I am certain it will result in the unnecessary death of many civilians. Now, I ask you again, Michele, do you support Russia’s bombing of the Ukrainian power grid?

Obviously, I don’t want Ukraine to lose power.

That’s not an answer. Do you support Russia making the decision to bomb the Ukrainian power grid?

It’s a corrupted place so they can blow it off the map for all I care.