Excellent choice, Dan! Hopefully socialism trumps terrorism


Sure has in my country.


Should read - Hopefully socialism trumps Trumps terrorism.
Thank you.


Oh, Reg, it is so sweet of you to defend socialism by standing in support of surrendering half your check to the government in exchange for a three month waiting period to be seen by a physician. Only to be dropped (How does that happen🤔)

And Will, Trumps terrorism? I don’t recall Trump terrorizing anyone. Perhaps you could redefine the word to fit your narrative better.


Michele, I’m quite sure I know a lot more about Canadian health care than you do. My mother needed a hip replacement a few years ago. Time from diagnosis to surgery: 18 days. Cost out of pocket: $0. This was followed by 6 months of physical therapy. Total cost: $0.

Our outcomes in every major health group are the same or better than in the US. Yes, we have our horror stories, but far, far fewer than you have down there. We pay less, we get more, and nobody even knows what a copay is.

PS: I just did a consult with my doctor in Canada from here in Colombia using Skype. He looked at my foot injury over the camera and gave me some excellent advice. Total cost: $0.

PPS: I have also consulted with a Colombian doctor. She came to my home, did some tests here on the spot, and gave me the same advice my Canadian doctor gave me. Total cost: $0, but I do pay $20/mo for unlimited housecall service. That $20 also covers unlimited ambulance rides in Colombia and telephone consults from anywhere in the world.

PPPS: You are getting screwed by big pharma and big medicine, just as you’re getting screwed by big orange, and in all those cases, like many Americans, you defend the person screwing you.


Reg, I’m quite sure my information came from your previous posts. But I do appreciate how well you glossed over my post without truly addressing the subject I posted. Well done, Slick!

PS. I can’t help but fee that “Total cost:0” is a bit misleading but you’re telling this story so mislead the public if you want to.

PPS. We can’t help that we failed to walk away from the Democratic Party when that 2.3 to 4 trillion dollars vanished. It was a dirty trick to announce it the day before 911. And we can’t help that we used bad judgement and voted in a gun running race baiter before truly coming to our senses, but Obama’s presence confirmed just how far we had removed ourselves from monitoring our government.


If truth be told, Trump is the only president in the last 30 years who has captured their attention. Since Democrats want drug prices lowered also, it is going to be a celebratory moment when Trump conquers big Pharma.

Edit for correction: That money didn’t vanish. It was spent without documentation, probably over the course of 8 years.


I’m quite sure it didn’t. I have never experienced any significant delays in my health care in Canada, nor has my family.

Misleading how? I am obviously speaking of out of pocket costs. The doctors are paid through taxes, which are slightly (a few percent) higher than in the US. There is nothing at all misleading about it: almost nobody in Canada pays out of pocket for any health care. As a result, our poor are much healthier than your poor and are much more able to get jobs and get their lives together. As a further result, they are much less poor than your poor.

Maybe that money will eventually be found in the chemtrails above the flat earth.


No, Trump doesn’t mow people down with machine guns, though he would probably enjoy it. Trumps form of terrorism is more subtle. He is gutting our democratic institutions and putting his wealthy friends, lobbyists, sycophants and other assorted miscreants in charge of them. As he grows bolder in his hubris we can expect to see most social programs be starved to death and his police state grow stronger. That sort of thing Michele.


Michele, now that you are back, I have an honest question for you. What is it about universal health care that offends you? Isn’t it intuitively obvious that if someone is sick, they can’t work? Isn’t it obvious that if you help them get well, they have a much better chance of leading a productive life, not dependent on government? Isn’t it obvious that, if you help people get on their feet, they’re less likely to break into your house or car in desperation? Setting aside humanitarian reasons, isn’t it obvious that it’s just good business to have the healthiest population possible?


I would also like Michele to comment on Trumps deep involvement with Russian money. I think we may find out after Deutche Bank provides documents to Mueller. U.S. banks turned their backs on him long ago after getting stiffed multiple times. It could explain his constant kissing of Putins ass and all of the Russian and Ukranian monkeys flying out of his own. Traitor.


I suppose I imagined that I read your words. “I was wrong.”


You answered your own question. Thanx you!


Maybe we will find out 911 was used to distract the public away from those misplaced funds.

You are really imagining things.

I’m not against health care for everyone. I’m against socialism because you can’t redistribute the wealth and make the poor equal to the rich.
The Bible is clear. The poor will always be with us. Or are there no poor people in socialist Canada? You know, where your poor are less poor than our poor.

I would like Will to comment on Clinton’s deep involvement with Russian money.


How do you think health care for all should be issued if you are against universal healthcare?


Like everything else. A percentage of your wages preferably not more than 10. Realistically, probably more.

If we do universal Medical care, next it will be education, and it will continue to grow until all you have is 10% of your wages left and we will all look like Venezuela.

Why don’t you feel like everyone should be required to pull their own weight? Don’t we provide free medical care to our poorest and our elderly and our children and illegal immigrants?

I know we have Sooner Care in Oklahoma for those who qualify for assistance.

When I read that back, it seems like we already to some degree are in a socialist state.

Maybe I just don’t understand it. I just feel like everyone should be required to work and pay for medical care just like you work and pay for your education. You work and pay for your home. Oh wait. We give free housing in this country as well.

Why does the world run to this country for opportunity when you 3 act like we are the most selfish country on the face of the earth?

Why do I feel like we are the greatest givers in the world and the world is like our children. Never getting enough. Always wanting more. Never satisfied. I’m done with this conversation. I no longer want to give 10 percent. Let the world figure out how to survive on their own.


You spend a lot of time whining about socialism when in fact we are now living in a plutocracy. I wonder why that doesn’t bother you.


The police are socialism.
The military is socialism.
Roads are socialism.
Schools are socialism.
Firemen are socialism.
Building inspectors are socialism.
Air traffic controllers are socialism.
The coast guard is socialism.
Food inspectors are socialism.

All that is ok but the world will just bloody well end if we pay for some kid’s chemotherapy.


That is fascinating. Does that mean the rich are paying these expenses, because I though the rich just got a tax cut. So which is it?


A bad day for Jared Kushner. It looks like he illegally used a private email to communicate about white house matters with foreign leaders. Or at least that is what his current lawyer said to the house oversight committee.

I wonder if he’ll get fired.


Did I miss something in the news?
I just hope the police has’t turned all Marxist, too.
Otherwise I an in for a bad Paranoia even leaving the house with all those Marxists roaming around. The living dead!