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Vermillion flycatcher

I firmly believe trump is not just stupid. He is insane.

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It is unfortunate that you have the mentality to wish him to be sick.

iam glad he tested negative and didnt infect other people while he was shaking hands during his last speech

then again i dont think they would admit it if he did test positive…

I wish him far worse than a relatively quick death from coronavirus.

you wish for him to be religious?!? now that would be really mean of you…

They can’t lie about that. He could still come down sick. But speaking of lies, someone is lying about something because you don’t shut the entire world down over a flu-like virus.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if something far worse happened to you.

why couldnt/wouldnt they lie about that?
you cannot show any symptoms, test positive and still infect others


huh huh? lol you said they cant lie about that

Right and then you said you can’t test positive and still infect others.

ah i see lol no, i said: you cannot show any symptoms, test positive and still infect others

meaning: if you test positive you can still infect others while you dont show any symptoms

More than likely if you test positive you have symptoms.

yes but thats because most people that dont have symptoms dont get tested…

many of those people that do not have symptoms and have not been tested but do carry the virus are infecting many more

Yea, same ol’ garbage, Orange Man bad… = Trump Derangement Syndrome.


I trust Fauci but I am not optimistic he nor trump can do much right now. The only thing helping us is local government curfews which vary quite a bit state by state. I see southern florida is doing everything they can to help spread the virus. I’m not sure trump can stop them from behaving like morons. My sister in law is supposed to travel up here on Thursday. Not even sure why. I’m guessing they are adopting and want to tell us in person. They are welcome to a hour tour of the house. I have hand sanitizer at the front door. I’m paranoid of someone infected working in the lab and having the hospital shutdown because nobody is allowed to get into the lab. For the next 3 weeks, I’m sure it will be work and yoga and hiking. Sometimes I work so much I cough to stay awake. I guess I’ll freak people out if I do that now.