Covid age 1-9 no death. The milk from mothers breast must have put fire in their chests.

True. 2009 killed kids. This is killing elderly.

Do you really believe that?

Your unwillingness to speak to me is the very thing that separates you from the men here.

When he speaks to you, it’s often vulgar and obscene. Why would you want that?

Apology not accepted from my side. Reason: Trump is the BESTESTEST.

Even fake-news CNN has to state:
President Trump has control over his borders. Now Mr. President PLEASE fix that wall to Mexico! The American People demand it.

Sorry, Reg, I might need to correct You here: It is pronounced:
Offene Grenzen gab’s gestern meine niggas. Thanks to Corona and Trump.

Where do You fit in child fatalities?
AFAIK children are protected by mother’s milk if the mother made it through illnesses and flus.
This is called “maternal passive immunity” or “Nestschutz” in German.
Hence it is of mayor importance that people, especially mothers

  • went through illnesses unvaxxed e.g. measles like all of my family (and look at me now!! Pure health power)
  • use breast milk instead of artificially modified cows milk powder

This is 100% correct. Mommies’ breast milk is like :muscle::muscle:rocket fuel :muscle::muscle: for babies.

…if they only listened to Dr. IshChadash more often…

Fortunately, I have received a strong education in vulgarity and it’s not about what I want. It’s about what he needs.


No one udders.

Vermillion flycatcher

I firmly believe trump is not just stupid. He is insane.

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It is unfortunate that you have the mentality to wish him to be sick.

iam glad he tested negative and didnt infect other people while he was shaking hands during his last speech

then again i dont think they would admit it if he did test positive…

I wish him far worse than a relatively quick death from coronavirus.

you wish for him to be religious?!? now that would be really mean of you…

They can’t lie about that. He could still come down sick. But speaking of lies, someone is lying about something because you don’t shut the entire world down over a flu-like virus.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if something far worse happened to you.

why couldnt/wouldnt they lie about that?
you cannot show any symptoms, test positive and still infect others