Trump, don't waste your time

Don’t waste your time looking for terrorists in the caravan in Central America. Just look out into the crowd at one of your hate filled rallies.

Much like the hate-filled Democrat at baseball practice last year.

It is easier to vote when you have a party voter guide. Even nonpartisan offices have appointees by a party member. Actually looking up candidates and issues for every box is exhausting. I just completed my Card A and I have no more life after doing so. It is like this every time I vote. Carb B will have to wait until I can restore my life enough to dispense it all again. Voting is death to me, really my head hurts that bad right now. It is always like this for me.

This should be a no-brainer since the Left is funding this invasion.

Where DO you get your wisdom?

That statement comes from a no-brainer. Is that what your orange fuhrer told you?

The idea that the Democrats would fund this caravan which is absolutely terrible for their campaign hopes is beyond absurd.

It is vaguely possible Maduro in Venezuela is financing it, which the Hondurans accuse him of. I do not know, however.

Voting is good when it is a good package deal with every possible component that works well with every other (of the same package). Good and strong individual candidates are one thing, but several candidates that work very well with one another in a variety of offices is another. Same with issues they have the same mind on (props and measures).

Oh Reggie you sound so much like Andy Lassner now you should support Ellen and have no other vision. I think you are just locked in those d.o.b. you can’t acknowledge anything else. Apolitician is a people person that gets people to like them and influences how they live and makes decisions for them.

Do you mean you won’t be making America great again every day with your drug of choice each and every day?

So you oppose the caravan because it is just too many poor people trying to gain entry by not following the legal process because it would stress the system resources (especially financially) as well as diverted manpower and focus off other projects…or is it because they really are just poor people that are not being used to bring in any illegal narcotics or your drug of choice into the country?

Would you allow the caravan in even if it gave passage to a few terrorists if it brought in your illegal narcotic of choice and it made it cheaper and more readily found and available to you?

All other reasons aside, if it gave you your drug of choice.

D.O.B. is first with you, that is clear when you make your decisions.
That is also how you will be decided against.

Take a demographic you mean, correct? Or just look at each and every individual and base my assessment on that, not my d.o.b. first?

That is possible, but some people can’t do that.

A certain individual here cannot do that. Nothing is right for this individual unless that is first.
I am opting to invalidate this individual.

No. I don’t watch a lot of Trump when I’m home with Hubby. Has he said the same? I haven’t seen any speeches or Fox News.
I see pictures of thousands of people walking this way on blacktop roads. I see people laying in the street sleeping while others walk past them. I see people handing out food from the back of a truck. This smells like George Soros. And you’re the no-brainer if you bury your head in the sand while he plots our destruction.

If you want anything you say to be heard, you need to stop being so vague. I don’t understand anything in this post but I feel like you are talking about me behind my back and to my face at the same time and it is difficult for me to process because you aren’t making sense to me.

It makes no sense at all to me that Soros (who hates Trump) would want to create and fund a publicity stunt that obviously helps Trump.

Sure but it makes Trump and Republicans look bad. And how quickly the Left turned all of this on Trump. Even you quickly judged him for it.

The invasion is being funded? I know that locals along the way give them food and let them ride on the vehicles but I see no mass distribution of supplies. Where are these “funds” going?

The Mexican government? I saw a photo of them escorting the caravan.