It’s my stomach.

The threshold of life is in your stomach or are you sick at your stomach?

Many people turned to God and received salvation after that day. What man means for evil, God uses for good.

My stomach crossed a line.

I’m certain you are not alone.

Does it make you see how much evil is in the world?

No, but I can feel it.

I don’t know what made it so evil. The numbers maybe.

So do you thank God for 9/11 ?

Some do.


Don’t be silly. It wasn’t a joke.

That must be an intense feeling.

You’ll like this. It’s not preachy. It’s teachy.

Might have been wearing a size 10 on average.

Interesting. A skyscraper gets engulfed by fire. Note how it looks the day after (0:52). Funny how the twin towers fell into neat little piles.

Did you push them apart Samson?

Or was Canadian Atlas just taking a rest when the sky was falling?

The Bush/cheney false flag took them down.

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Was it delts and tris day for you?
Or just full body?