To serve and protect

Only viewing someone elses. Walking down the street, two cops accost a man. The female cops gets off her bike and shakes her finger in this mans face. “You will Not smoke your pipe in public. You will NOT smoke your pipe in public”. Then she mounts her bike and rides away.

lol nice and no reply from the guy?

Nice indeed and no reponse from the man (except probably a huge sigh of relief).

lol must have been a foreigner, surely every dutch guy would have asked her how much a bj would cost

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lol. If I had known that’s what the locals do I would have tried it.

And now it’s game time. bbl

why else would she be there? lol it was probably one of those fake/cheap cops that are not even allowed to carry a gun but only hand out parking fines

What states did you visit? I’m guessing if the airport employee couldn’t wait 2 seconds for your answer you were in the northeast. I live in one of the better parts of the world but that is our biggest flaw. The lack of rose smelling.

Including capitalization!

and spacing!

travelled through several but i was mainly in texas in july lol if there is such a place as hell on earth its there;)

(didnt mean any disrespect to the people who died or who still have to live in areas where there is war and or poverty)

What were you doing in Texas? Changing planes?

You actually don’t even have to answer that. I dint even know why I asked. Sorry.

if i was mainly in texas only to change planes that would be a bit silly

never apologise for asking questions, learning to accept an answer or no answer is also a good thing

You really haven’t been here have you? Every question is stupid or invalid and is met with criticism. You should ask for a raise.

why do you let it bother you so much that anything said is met with criticism?

Doesn’t bother me at all. But they shouldn’t bitch about my attitude if they are going to critized me at every turn. They get what they give.

ah yes they bitch you bitch… instead of turning the other cheek its the old eye for an eye