To serve and protect

having seen some american cops tazer people i expected much worse lol
the first 9! cops seemed unskilled but very friendly and the silly rich canadian should know that you are not allowed to think in usa?

That is why, by your very name, you are not allowed in the US.

lol its been a while ago but i have been there already
experienced lots of things for the first time there; being welcomed with automatic rifles, being asked how iam and then before i could answer for that person to just walk way, huge cockroaches all over the floor… quite educational stuff lol

Hmmm . . . Did you say to the customs officer “I am thinkingaboutit”? or did you use an alias?

they asked what is my name so i told them…


just teasing but its a typical dutch name

Many Dutch are dicks?

yes quite a few

You also have a lot of dikes.

dikes and dykes

And there are vans for dykes?

yes and you even spelled it correctly in lowercase

In the USA we pride ourselves on spelling and grammar with the exception of Oklahoma.

ah so reg has some american in him as well?

He can speak to that himself

yes and if he does iam sure he will do it with proper spelling and grammar lol

to get back on topic, did you have any experience with the police while in amsterdam?