Tiny houses

Again, nonsense. They may be more liberal than OKC but they are a thousand times more conservative than San Francisco, NYC, Boston or Seattle. They are also vastly cheaper. If you want to find where people are willing to pay $1000+ per foot, you have to look at ultra liberal cities. Relatively conservative cities sit at a fifth or less of that price.

I looked for 4 to 5 million. First hit. I think you might have won. lol


This is insanity! Either you have a homeless problem in Vancouver or everyone is rich. I just googled homes in Vancouver and I couldn’t find one for less than $345,000 and at that price there were only 2, one of which was questionable for condemnation.

Minimum wage: $14.60
I hope apartments are affordable.

A little inner voice just told me to google condemnation. Haha!

An apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 800 sq ft, goes for a million. I don’t know what you saw for 345k but those would be in the far suburbs as an empty lot 30 by 80 goes for well over a million.

And yes, this is totally messed up, unsustainable and unhealthy. Kids growing up in non rich families know they can never own a home which is sick.

Concord is expensive. I am honestly surprised that home is only 4.5 million. If you had 10 people with good jobs, you could go in on it. Someone would probably lose their job and it would end badly. I’m not sure how that place works for a couple. I wonder why it is for sale. A lot of the celtics live in Concord. Maybe it is one of their’s. It has a hoop.

4.5 million is just the beginning. Tag on taxes, insurance, utilities, upkeep you would need a lot more than the purchase price as Dan well knows by now.

51000 a year in taxes. Have to pay the cook, too.

I doubt you could keep a house like that in top condition for less than $250k/year all in. At least 150 alone in staff, assuming you hire illegals.

Wow! Here you could buy a decent, affordable home for 50,000.

I’m not knocking the home, Dan, but the price was steep. Here’s one with a grande staircase, sauna and breathtaking views for almost half the price. It’s a tiny house in comparison, but then, so is the upkeep. Oops that’s also in CA

Only 10 homes and this was the least expensive and underwhelming for that price.

I have a theory…

Socialism is flourishing where you live or someone isn’t paying the preacher.

That house is very nice. Excellent game room but no table tennis?

Concord and the surrounding towns are all liberal. They are gorgeous and unaffordable. Not really unique. I’m in the middle of the real estate pricing. 30 miles west is much cheaper.

Well, obviously. All expensive areas in the world, without exception, are heavily socialist. Conservative cities are generally nasty and nobody pays a premium to live in one.

That’s because merde rolls down hill so we don’t really care for socialites, except on Sunday, when we are busy being holier than thou.

Mansion where mom and daughters were found dead hits market for $975K

Check out this tub!


Honolulu, eh?