Tiny houses

I like this. $90k AUD is about $70k USD

You just took an incredible helpful idea and made it unaffordable.

$70k is not unaffordable to many people.

Really? Tell that to people who only make 25,000 a year.

Whatever your income, $70k is easier to attain than $1.8 million which is the average house price in Vancouver. I think this young couple did brilliantly to live in that beautiful place for that price.

What kind of dumbass would pay that price when you can build a brand new high end home for under 300k.

An empty lot in Vancouver costs 1.5 million. You do the math.

He did a great job. Might be tough in the winter and doesnt look like they have a clothes washing machine. That’s a great price.

Dan, the adult daughter of a friend recently moved to Boston and tells me pricing there is almost as bad as Vancouver. I totally understand your moving to New Hampshire.

Michele, here is my reality. This is what 1.8 gets you in my town. There’s no wonder we are implementing taxes to discourage foreign ownership. We don’t appear to have the stones to just ban it like the Kiwis did, but there have been some good steps taken in recent years to reduce prices.


Boston is the worst I’ve seen. Until you just posted this lol. Nice looking house. Might need a new roof.

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Totally unaffordable.


Here is one with 1000 sq feet for over 1.3 million and the condo fee is 635 per month. It comes with zero parking spots but it does have a roof and a mailbox inside. And it sold.

Yes, this is effectively Vancouver pricing. It may be plus or minus a few percent but the bottom line is that it’s totally disproportionate to the average income.

Fwiw, Manhattan and London are worse.

I couldn’t find a home in this area worth 1.8 but I did find a very beautiful home just over one. It’s a little older but looks well built.

Sorry for knocking your prices, Reg, but it really is an insane amount of money for such a tiny space. I do understand the high demand for the area tho. That home you posted wouldn’t be worth more than 20k here. With a bad roof it’s only worth about 10.

Michele, you can’t possibly knock our prices more than I do. They are totally stupid. That home you posted is stunning and would easily be over 10 million in Vancouver. It almost makes me want to live in OK. lol.

I agree that home was stunning. The homes I found that were closer in price to what you posted had 20 to 40 acres of land. This was the only one that didn’t appear to have land attached.
You would hate it here tho. Entirely too many truthful liars.

Yes, I would probably hate it there. There’s a reason people pay insane prices to live in liberal cities. Have you noticed nobody ever pays a lot to live in a conservative city?

Have you ever noticed most cities are populated with liberals? I can’t even think of a city populated with conservatives. Well, except OKC. But then, we are one of only two states that voted Republican in every county.

No, that isn’t true at all. Every city may be more liberal than the country surrounding it, but the super expensive cities are all ultra liberal. More conservative cities like Houston, Dallas, OKC and others have extremely low prices and demand compared to super liberal cities like NYC, San Francisco and Seattle. People pay insane prices so they don’t have to live in conservative cities.

That’s not true! Dallas and Houston are super expensive compared to OKC. They are also liberal according to this map.