Funny :point_up_2:t2:Funny :point_up_2:t2:

oh good
tennis doesn’t start for a few days
only time for one more round
yes he can
no he can’t
god i wish i was beautiful

We all want something beautiful….lalalala🎼

I’m so thankful for TikTok. If I can’t get the truth here, I know I can get it there. Always reliable.

Not to mention, entertaining.


:joy:Screamer :joy:

I love to watch dance.

These two are dancing together for the first time but they don’t know each other and never met. They are complete strangers.
Very entertaining. :heart_eyes:


@Midkitten. You need to get on the TikTok train.

This is my favorite female dancer on TikTok.

These two guys dance well together. Sometimes they dance with the girl.

Of course, there’s always group dance if you’re into that kind of thing.

It also helps if there’s a singer in the group. :grimacing:

Correct me if I am wrong… but when tiktok first came out, wasn’t there rumors going around that somewhere in the find print, any movies/videos and photos uploaded with the service becomes propery of tiktok?

Wow Reg, thanks for that.

I don’t know about other social media platforms, but is using user content for advertising ‘normal’ now?

Not sure I would feel ok with my face or family involved in an advertising campaign that I wasn’t aware of or gave informed consent to.

It’s totally normal. TikTok is very stupid, though. Mostly 15 second videos of girls shuffle dancing.

Not in my book, it’s not. Like any social media app, you have scroll past the bs you don’t like. Every site has the same bs content. But TikTok has a little bit of everything to watch. It even provides a tracking service.


I found my Christmas present on TikTok that never arrived at my door.

This is what I enjoy most.


There is never enough of this kind of entertainment.

This is kind of entertainment is also rare.

Quite entertaining to me but sure to offend someone.


:joy:He dig a hole and then tried to hide it. :joy:


There is nothing special about these TikToks except it’s almost like someone out there is deliberately posting videos of giants.
Sometimes, when I watch TikTok too long, I don’t feel like I’m watching strangers making random videos. It’s like it somehow evolves into a chain of deliberately and strategically placed suspicious looking videos. Telegram is the same way only it doesn’t necessarily “evolve” but consistently drips news crumbs that the MSM won’t carry.