I’ve waited patiently for several years to hear one of you left-leaning liberals admit that the elites are planning a “Great Reset”. It’s kind of funny to watch the truth unfold before the eyes of those who have, in times past, denied it. I hope you don’t take it personal if I am forced to point and laugh at your incessant denial. I don’t really want to say I told you so but here we are. :woozy_face: It’s kind of scary. Hahaha!!!

Cute baby!


:joy::joy: I can do better. :joy::joy: than this :joy::joy::point_up_2:t2:



Good pet!
:thinking: Dog makes a point.

He signed up for it when he married her. :joy::joy::joy:

:joy::joy: Check out her “britches” :joy::joy:

It’s difficult to see things like this happening in the church. It does help understand the apostasy and at least part of why it is and will happen.


Well I thought this was funny. There’s always one heifer that thinks she’s a bull.:joy:

Thought I might share who the filthy founder of Telegram was, in case you didn’t already know.


Well, okay. I don’t really wanna read how this isn’t funny. I thought it was funny. :joy:

Saw this tiktock on my facebook feed. Enjoy.

This isn’t a TikTok but it’s TikTok-ish.


you just click and paste without the need to find the keyboard
click click don’t think
or blink

their shoes are white
that’s the reason i copied and then googled the past tense of “paste”
i warn you
i will click again

The thinks I say and post, at will, without thinking twice first, are the same things you all say and have said after thinking carefully about your wording. I’ll try to do better.

I found videos that validate your complaint.

when i invented the worldwideweb, The Customer was satisfied
at first
then, The Customer said people weren’t clicking mindlessly enough
so i added RSS and tictac
The Customer says i’m almost there
i am working on the_end_of_all_thought
it seems i am too late

This woman could worship Satan and her words would be validated by her body.
Working out creates positive mental health.
Don’t mind them. They’re just watching.
I admit, if you look enough you can find the humor.

I bet you want me to reply to your garbage while you ignore mine.

Someone showed me this guys routine today. This was the 2nd video we saw.