doesn’t play

thinki says you can run your mouse over it and click. Idk. Sorry.


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Thank you, thinki.

Too much work. TikTok is for teenage girls dancing.

You view according to what you select to view. Now we all know what you selected.

I know you all can’t see this but it’s a video of a woman washing her car in gasoline lol.

Super funny lol. Make thinki go find and repost it lol

Lol so funny

Emotionally constipated lol

:joy: Nachos :joy:

I’ve cream :joy:
Oh lord. I meant ice cream

:joy: Is it wrong?:joy:

those tiktok never work



Мощно зажгли под Риану @smile_shuffle ##топ ##рек ##shuffledance ##shuffle ##dance ##шаффл ##танец ##dance ##cuttingshapes ##rihanna

♬ оригинальный звук - Shuffle lessons

EDIT: Doesn’t work. Trying a different way.

EDIT: Still doesn’t work.

EDIT AGAIN: Looks like they’ve been thinking about it for a year. No action yet.

Okay thank you. I’ll tell you what the clip was. The woman was getting her child into the backseat of the car when the child went to rambling. When the woman finished buckling the child in, instead of waiting until the child finished talking, she closed the door and walked away. I’m certain she was in a hurry. Children should be heard and I’m sure she felt bad l but she couldn’t just keep standing there waiting in the child to finish that one sentence which was filled with a lot of ummm’s.
I’m guilty of this lol. Not as funny now as it was earlier. I guess you had to see the clip.

Michele, your TikTok links are working now. How did you share them? Did you click share and copy the link or what?

Yes share


EDIT: Not working for me.