The very scary caravan


Seriously? This entire caravan plays to the Republican message: the US is being invaded by dirty Latinos who want to skip the line. This is the entire message of the Republican party this election. How in the world do you think the left wins? There is a significant majority on all sides that say this caravan is wrong. Even I think it’s wrong and I am a left winger. The only side that wins here is the Republicans.


I honestly don’t know how you can declare the Right victors when the Left always gets the vote. Every single time! But yes, I can see how the Right benefits. When the voting is over and the Left takes control, the Right can clean up the mess the Left made.


This is incoherent to the point of…let’s just say it’s almost Trump-like.

Republicans control the House, the Senate, the White house and the Supreme Court, but the left always gets the vote. Every single time.

So the Republicans can’t clean up the mess when they control every branch of government and the court, but they will be able to when the left takes power. Got it.


Haha. Oh God, hahaha!


Thank you Michele for helping me understand Trumps base. Using your thought process, I predict you have a very bright future.


That happens when you lose motivation.



This guy is in a close battle with a black woman in georgia. He will probably win. I guess some Republicans have stole ballot votes from her. Apparently this ad was not a good idea, to the point where it’s a dead heat. I still think he will win.


There’s a lot of voter suppression in Georgia. Kemp is Secretary of State so he controls voting. Is it any wonder there are a lot of ballots being denied?


Oh no not at all. Stolen ballots give him a big advantage.


Rachel Maddow has been covering the huge voter suppression by Kemp in Georgia. Americans are so jaded about it that it’s not even news outside her show.


She reliably has the best information.


Must hold back our tanks…no tanks at all…must not give tanks.


Stop tanking!