The shame and fall of Donald Trump

after he saves suburban housewives, he’ll show up at their doors and thank them for voting
maybe grab a little pussy
they let him do it
cause he’s famous

if kamala harris wants to jiggle my genitals cause she’s famous
i will be outraged and demand to know how far away her husband is
i am not a monster

Prevalence of forced sex, drinking behavior, and drug use among adolescent women by race/ethnicity, 2009.

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watch out
math is in the room

Dont you just hate it they way he is always so brutally honest about everything, especially pussy dispensing women.

Incomplete but consistent statement.

many words for so little information

researchers at the oklahoma university of non-football studies announced the discovery of the first true perpetual motion machine.
you feed it information and it produces shit.
just kidding.
everybody knows there are no non-football universities in oklahoma.

Solidarity, co-operation and multilateralism. There’s you shit!


trump visits alamo and his wall, says:
some people are saying santa ana acted very responsibly

Some people say Trump built 400 miles of wall. I’ve been thinking about it and I just don’t think thats not accurate but the media is reporting it so I considered the source.

“So far (as of Jan 5, 2021), all but 47 miles of the construction has replaced old or broken barriers.”

PS: Mexico didn’t pay anything at all. And no, the new NAFTA doesn’t collect one cent from Mexico.

That’s disappointing. Lord knows he tried to complete it. What about new construction?

You know what Mexico does do for us? They hold asylum seekers on their side of the border until their case is heard. Something that has not been the common practice for America. In times past, we allowed them in where they would disappear with our generous, taxpayer funded, monetary assistance.
That’s like a partial payment to us. We may collect in other ways over time. Who knows. There’s no need to put Trumps promise into a cash box Mexico allegedly refuses to donate to.

Indeed, Trump’s promises are worth nothing. By the way, “allegedly” isn’t really needed in that sentence. It’s not an allegation. It’s pretty clear.

Michele is hopeless. she buys into trumps lies and will never back down. don’t waste your time on her. she is thick.

The “s” is capitalized in “she.”

Right and I was just saying we will collect another way.

your whole rotten shitbag of traitors is going down. whatever will you do for friends now?

yes michele, you too are a rotten traitor and should be hung alongside trump

it’s not too late to edit this topic title

I can’t think of a more humble way to go.

There’s nothing to collect for, Michele. There is no wall and Mexico was never going to pay for it.

Even Geraldo Rivera has abandoned Trump. He is a stupid piece of trash and his sudden epiphany gets him no more points in my eyes than it gets Mitch. Still, it’s amusing that even Trump’s oldest friends are fleeing. Stupid whores, the lot of them.