The shame and fall of Donald Trump

It reflects poorly on those who turn on Trump. No doubt Geraldo Rivera has skeletons in his closet too. I’m not sure it’s classified government information like Mitch McConnell documents. Rivera has said negative things about Trump in the past. No one ever thought he was a loyal supporter.

Trump is now impeached for a second time. Historical

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yes and only 10 republicans voted in favor of impeachment

the most bipartisan impeachment in history.

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Nobody has ever been impeached twice. This guy is way too competitive.

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Bush still wins Worst President Ever but Trump still has a few days.

Bush may be worst but I think Trump is most hated.

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No question there. I even hate Trump more while still considering Bush to be worse.

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Looks like McConnell is not going to block the Senate vote. And they aren’t going to vote until after january 20th lol. He is guaranteed to lose that with the Senate split and Romney and Murkowski voting to impeach. I guess his family will be ruined. Sounds good to me.

The fact that McConnell has the power to block the vote his ridiculous. 2nd most powerful American. No doubt. Kamala harris will become the 2nd most powerful once she splits senate votes. Not chuck Schumer.

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I guess the senate needs 67/100. That will be close but better chance now with Georgia. Probably depends on mitch.

It’s possible now that people are fleeing Trump. Some might feel a vote to convict could help keep their donations flowing.

Most independents support impeachment.

Those who support impeachment are inciting violence and insurrection.

trump trash