The Pope

He was in the right. He grimaced. I think it hurt. He had to apologize because he is probably not supposed to show anger.

He also did not let people kiss his hand but he says he had a cold. Might be time to step down.

I agree that he was in the right. She forcefully yanked him. It was a human reaction.

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When I say might be time to step down, I mean he is 83 and finally starting to find people annoying. He deserves to have peace.

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Good movie “The Two Popes”. He was a very modest South American bishop. Dressed plainly, took public transportation, lived a modest and humble life. I don’t think he likes all the Pope worship stuff.

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Me neither.

His predecessor however was a different story. I hope you get a chance to see that movie. Anthony Hopkins plays Benedict.

He was totally in the right. Don’t grab people. That’s just rude.

In any situation where a famous person walks up to the crowd to shake a few hands, it’s obvious and understood that 90% of the outstretched hands are not going to get shaken. You just accept it. This ungracious woman didn’t and she got off lightly.

Edited to add: Re kissing the ring, first it’s a pompous tradition and second, you’re going to live your life having endless colds and other viruses if you let thousands of people do that.

Lucky she didn’t try that to the Pope of Greenwich Village.

If I were the Pope (Will the first) I would have the ring grafted onto my ass. That would break up that tradition.

In addition, I’m surprised his security team wasn’t on top of it right away.

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They were pretty quick. It’s a balancing act between letting him look like he is engaging people freely and keeping the crazies away. This woman was no threat but she could easily have been holding a weapon.

Yeah she could have slit his wrist, maybe he shoud carry a tube of super glue. Will probably knows the stuff from the Vietnam War where it was introduced.

Sorry Mark, I played a different role in that war. Super glue would only be required for our lips if we got out of line. However I believe you are correct about it’s use there.

The spray band aid in skin color is a toned down version I believe.

I tried that crap once. Hurt like hell. I hated it. I notice it’s not available in local drug stores anymore. No loss as far as I’m concerned.

The Alliance!

A Global Educational Pact. Sounds like a good idea.

Somehow I knew you would approve and I’m thankful you enjoyed my post. Will you be getting a little (biblically contradictory) wet cross over your forehead as Catholic seal of salvation?

I can see you now, Reg. In my mind…I see it…

You’re walking down main street of Vancouver wearing a wet niqāb. You look lovely.