The news as heard on the turd

CI pastor and competing pastor of Pastor Lindsted “Clifton Emerheiser” died.
*** news coverage on the turd of July, 19th ***

Nice to see you’re still following Marty. I listened for a few minutes. I heard he’s using a cane these days.

This is.


I finally managed to kiss a girl with Pastor Lindstedt’s wife body shape. I love big thighs and behinds. It felt like instant glory! The softer she is, the “harder” I get. Maybe I can keep apart from white nationalism with such a girl with a behind that big, I’d consider it to be “my nation”.

Feeling great right now. A WHITE girl that is. She has more fair complexion than myself. I kissed a superior race.

You kissed an obese woman and are now proud?

Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself and you certainly have done that. You stand in judgement of the appearance of a woman and stand in judgement of man for standing in judgement of women for their appearance. You are truly one of the great hypocrites of the world. And you should be proud. I just called you great!

Michele, let’s not be ridiculous. Well, ok, it may be a bit late for that.

I asked Daniel a question about whether he kissed an obese woman. This was not a judgment. Lots of guys like fat chicks. I am not one of them but that means nothing.

I have, however, judged women for their appearance many times. I do not even think it is bad to do this. I certainly do not think it is bad for Trump, in the context of a beauty contest, to have done so.

I do think it’s wrong for Trump to grope women against their will, kiss them against their will, pay countless prostitutes and cheat on his wife (who herself is obviously just a prostitute with him for the money). I note that most of those things are crimes in your country.

This doesn’t even touch on his countless non-sexual crimes.

To suggest I have “hanged myself” by asking Daniel if he kissed an obese woman is, well, ridiculous.

You didn’t ask if he kissed an obese woman. You asked if he was proud of it.
Justify it any way you want. I’ll call it like it is. Shallow and hypocritical and you know it. You look more like Trump sounds everyday.

:thinking: I wonder if this is something you would even dare say on Twitter. I assume you no longer care if people call you a nigger.

I don’t want to be proud and tempted by Satan.
I will be absolutely honest with her.
Major blow against Alex Jones’ Infowars by the system RIGHT NOW.
Infowars live streams banned from Google, vimeo, etc.
Amazon Infowars store restricted.
Censorship explained with rediculous random statements without proof a la “hate speech” “against china”.

This is a sign from god. I have been making good doll recently so I thought about marrying the chubby girl. She is a very VERY rural Bavarian from the mountains. Hard to red-pill as she doesn’t even understand english. But maybe I can do it.


Just donated to Infowars big time and this is only the beginning. Alex is going nuts on show. Had been a bit boring lately, but NOW END-TIMES Info war is back. And I will be a part of it.


War for christ!

Recently I even manage to red-pill (in high compression mode) a desparate business woman in her expensive SUV going all pegida on some poor innocent low-skilled migrant workers in a parking lot.

I can do these kinds of things even though she never called me back. But she looked bewildered when leaving the situation.
I learn more and more to do customize-rid-pilling. Because a pegida talker living purely in the “world” won’t respond to the bible (at first). So I can red-pill on the “right side” drawing attention away from “pegida-pseudo solutions” to “save yourself first before you help others - you and your family are your closest neighbour in your nation”. “You won’t save the world and good so. World is going down. Kingdom is coming up”.



And do you believe Alex Jones when he says Obama and Hillary are both demons?

I don’t know, never heard that before.
But if Alex said it, then it could hold some truth.
I mean, this nervous drone does research 24/7, so he is into all that stuff.

What is a demon anyways? AgeOfGrace? I know that Jeshua Jesus the Messiah casted out demons.
But what are they? Are they of the 1/3 of the fallen angels under Lucifer’s control?
Are they like angels, namely created beings dwelling in a parallel dimension?
Or what are they?
I wouldn’t have a problem believing the whole Clinton familily being demon posessed. They are both evil beings. Bill Clinton has the blood of the Branch Davidians on his hands and Hillary? I mean even Southpark portrayed her as “not human” (Episode: “The snuke”).

Obama? Well, I still think Obama wasn’t that bad (so does Pastor Lindstedt) and the flies alone proving a demon nature? Once again, I am no expert on demons and being posessed.
I once attended a week-end seminar about angels and their part of the end-times struggle. But we didn’t talk about demons back then. I learned to know another zionist girl there back then. She showed me photos of her living in a messianic Kibbutz both in Australia and Palestine/ “state of Israel”. But she is now married to an Australian. Too skinny for me anyways. But hardcore in faith. I like that.
Back to topic: I only know of one German pastor who engages in exorcism (casting out demons). But that is all I know about them. I could ask him (if I ever see him again), but only if there is some real interest.

I do not only believe in angels, I actually met with one once!!!
I have met with an angel once in a big, ancient , mediterranean looking city with fire raining on it once in a dream.
That angel took me under his wings and protected me from the burning tar falling from the sky and burning oil from exploding trucks.
This dream had been so real to me like only one or two before in my life.
This dream occurred three days before the truck attack in Berlin. BEFORE that is…

Demons are a spiritual picture of physical seperation from God. I might be tempted to call Peter Strzok demon possessed just by the weird way he squirmed in that chair.

Obama has been caught playing dress-up. I’m sure there is nothing to this but since this photo surfaced I’ve been hearing a lot about Hollywood and reptilian eyes so I googled and it was strange. But I don’t think Obama is possessed…yet.

Clinton, imho, is extremely far from God and the further she gets the darker her heart gets. I do believe she has had many people killed and I do believe she participates in demonic rituals and spirit cooking and I believe she has something to do with what is in Anthony Weiner’s computer. She has a very long history of dirty work that needs to be addressed and I believe she will get what’s coming to her some day. If anyone could be demon possessed, it would be her. She would sell her soul for the price of a speech, imho.

“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.
Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order.
Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”
Matthew 12: 43-45

2018 - seems like shit is going down.

Alex Jones - banned by mayor mainstream media
Broadcasting in
emergency mode

FSN-tv (German alt-right)
livestream shutdown, now only the recorded monthly specials available (had been available only via non-EU VPN anyways) - emergency mode

Reconquista Germanica (German alt light) - Emergency Broadcast

2 guys I know under the age of 60 - dead.

I though my next neighbour under the age of 60, sporty guy, never smoking, biking a lot outdoors, well tanned, descently looking clean household, not a WN, had been on vacation - wrong - heart attack - hospital. Looking like “running in emergency mode” today.


You ain’t seen nothing yet in 2018. Just wait until Trump gets impeached. :slight_smile:

Won’t be happening.
Thank god people are beginning to move to bitchute and other platform less prone to censorship…Decentralization is the key.

That poor little girl.

he was dressing up to attack the congress.
see the bone spurs on his helmet?
that’s how you can tell