The Moon

So why can’t we get pictures of all the crap they supposedly left behind when we were supposedly there?

Because they are probably buried deep in the cracks. Why don’t you hop a rocket and go see.

Maybe they’re buried deep in your crack.

Wow! That’s deep.

I’ll say. Wide too.

(((Mom))) Will is making fun of me again.

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Just took this photo from my balcony a few minutes ago.

That picture looks old.

I bought a calendar at a bookstore for a discount since it was already past half the year. It just happens to be a lunar calendar.

That shouldn’t be a full moon until tomorrow.

Somebody didn’t tape that over the lens I’m assuming. Or your eye.

That picture is from a few hours ago. I took the camera out on the balcony, stuck it on a tripod, and played with exposure settings until I got a decent result. To my surprise, my best results were at fast shutter speeds and small apertures. There was just too much light coming off the moon tonight to get good results on long exposures.