The Media
“And everything that happens will be shaped by the calliope of craziness that is the right-wing media.”

I though that was an interesting statement and it made me think about how much the media spins the stories to favor the Left.

I thought the Washington Post was a legitimate newspaper.

But then I also thought that about the New York Times.

And the Hill

And USAToday.

With CNN at the helm of untruthful opinions.

Here’s a truthful opinion.

My own post has been dismissed because it was an “opinion.” I never noticed how many opinion pieces were posted in the past by Reg and never questioned. I guess if the media and Reg can get away with it, why not. I suppose I’ll have to pay closer attention to what is posted in the future if it irritates me that bad.

Do you understand the difference between a clearly labelled opinion piece and a news story.

Yes, we spell it labelled in Canada.

Throughout its history, The Washington Times has been known for its conservative political stance.[6][7][8][9] It has drawn controversy for publishing racist content, including commentary and conspiracy theories about United States president Barack Obama[10][11] and support for neo-Confederatism.[12] It has published material promoting Islamophobia.[13] It has published many columns which reject the scientific consensus on climate change,[14][15][16] as well as on ozone depletion[17] and on the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.[18][19]
from Wikipedia

That figures.

Or better yet, pay closer attention to who you get your information from.