The Media

I know it is. I question your message as well.

excellent, iam so proud of both of you;)

God, the first thread I read today ends with a smug post from the irritating Dutch bisexual. Not a good start to the day.

complimenting others is now being smug? time for your meds, nico

Actually it pleases me that you don’t seem to understand that a post implying that they have finally started to approach your level of great wisdom is smug. The day is improving.

lol so you basically are saying that mybigmoon and ageofgrace were discussing things below your level?

That comment pleased me even more. :slight_smile: It’s beginning to be a good day.

glad to hear;)

I just read that the median age of Fox News viewers is 65, slightly down from 68 a few years ago. I was all excited and went to post how good this is but I decided to check CNN and MSNBC first. They’re both around the same average of 65 years old. TV is for older people.

This is dangerous and Tapper should be fired. I won’t hold my breath. He’s never been held accountable for any falsehood he’s ever printed in the past.

It was clearly domestic terrorism and they should have been shot.

That’s right, Will. ALL resistance from the right is being labeled terrorism and those who participate are labeled domestic terrorists. That is incredibly dangerous. Even someone as close-minded as you can surely see where that is leading.

terrorism is being labeled terrorism
truth in labeling
biden brings that
you can label it right wing protest
trump brought that

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Trump exposed that. Know the difference.

I just wish the media would stop judging everything Trump and start reporting the news again. They are suppose to be bringing the affairs of the world to light but all they can do is cast a shadow over people who are just trying to defend themselves. They are completely useless and it’s totally understandable that their ratings are below 1 million daily viewers. I mean, really, who wants to listen to them, not just critique but, straight up judge this man, who was defending himself, as a murderer. They must be Satan’s appointed jury. :roll_eyes:😵‍💫 :roll_eyes: