The Law

The fucking law. How I learned to hate the law during my 14 year divorce fight. Then I fell in love with, of all things . … a lawyer. One of the things I hated about the law was eventually learning that there is always an exception to any law. That brings me to tonights thought. Trump loves to claim executive privilege to protect himself from his trashy mobstyle deeds. If a conversation (even with a lawyer) is about committing a crime, no kind of privilege is allowed. Ipso facto, presto breasto your claim of privilege would be denied in any court. Let’s hear testimony from John Bolton.

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I honestly don’t care at all if Bolton testifies. Jesus Christ himself could return to earth and testify against Trump and the Republican senate wouldn’t be moved. “Sure you may be the son of God but you’re not seeing the big picture, Jesus, and let’s not undo the election.” Screw them all. The sooner this pathetic show trial is over the better. Trump has already bought the judge and jury and now we’re just waiting for his not guilty verdict and hoping that America has learned its lesson by November.

Oh God you may be right but I am clinging with my last bit of hope that the republicans don’t throw away our system. If they do … .

You aren’t going to hear anything from Bolton. Democrats have all the evidence they need.

That would be a plausible statement if it were necessary.

Much to the shame of the republicans.

I can see the headlines now…

Impeached Trump, in record breaking fashion, as he is accustomed to performing, he is re-elected.

Pity Democrats don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Oh but they do. Unfortunately the republicans have no balls.

Better to have no balls than no brain.

The fact that republicans have no brains was already a given. That they gave up their balls to trump was new.

We should celebrate. A special two-fer day!

Just remember you guys wanted what is to come.

Yes we did and still do. Your cooperation is most helpful.

I am not here to cooperate.

Don’t you want what’s best for our country?

I do and it’s not trump.

Really? He’s done so much for us. You don’t like what he’s doing for Vets?

He hasn’t done shit for vets.

What about for farmers?

What about his deal with China, Canada and Mexico?