The impeachment trial of Bozo

Really? Let’s look at your posts again. I don’t think anything is off.

You said this and I replied to it with the agreement that I make nothing from it either. Then you posted that it’s too much off topic. You may have to lead me into the correct response to your post. I don’t want to put you out but I don’t know how to respond properly on my own.

Trump is still not in the clear and they say he is sitting on a war chest of 30 million to influence elections and delegates.

He will have more than that after his speech at the CPAC. I know that because I already know I’m going to donate to the cause.

Why don’t you just stay at one of his hotels and help his business?

“The cause” hahaha the lost cause

how much are you gonna give him Michele?

Are you gonna give him the money you would have spent on your grandchildren but you’re just so taken with him that you must give him all your money you sad woman?

I’m curious about that, too. How much money will you waste enriching this blowhard piece of human trash? It disgusts me that people donate to him while opposing universal health care for the poor.

it disgusts a lot of people

I guess trump will be here sunday for CPAC. I’ll fart in his general direction.

don’t mean to heckle
it’s just that universal healthcare is, well, universal
not just for the poor
it is for the universe
earth is mostly not included

why do you even come here Lowerre ?

The documents will be subject to grand jury secrecy rules that restrict their public release.

The ruling is a bitter loss for Trump, even if the tax records are shielded from public disclosure, after he consistently argued that the subpoena issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was overbroad and issued in bad faith.

A bitter loss. Yay!


You are quite right. My wording would have been better if I had said “universal health care including the poor” instead of “universal health care for the poor”. I also spelled “doesn’t” incorrectly in a post not long ago. I wonder if you think your own wording would stand up to such scrutiny. Thankfully for you, you’ll likely never have to find out because nobody else here obsesses over your wording. You might take a hint from that.

bring it bitch
i would welcome it

i knew what you meant
even if you didn’t know how to type it
the poor poor people
let’s type about them

You’d be the only one who would. I don’t speak for anyone else here but I’m fairly certain nobody aside from you would welcome this place turning into a gossip den where we all type variations on “omg omg omg he said _____”.

I’d have to change the name of the site to bAnIrritatingTool.

And no, your posts wouldn’t survive such scrutiny. You still haven’t learned to punctuate or cite your sources. You’d flunk grade 8 English class if you had to take it over again. And you think quoting 50 year old song lyrics (uncited of course) is profound. Yeesh.

neil young wrote sugar mountain with four verses
he says three were ok and one was horrible
i can’t tell which one he meant
we was 21 when he wrote it

i support poor people