The impeachment trial of Bozo

i dont mind, bbad has always been such a place…

to one

thats another variation of “omg omg omg he said” (and so is this and all the following replies)

nothing new under the sun

No it’s not. That’s dumber than your usual comments here, Nico, and that’s saying something.

lol i rest my case

As I often do, I dropped by BBAD. I saw your fun post about Angela Merkel’s reactions to Trump. I saw that was in response to Dan asking if she was out as Kanzler in Deutschland. I saw Will talk about when he bought his truck and Dan talk about his considerations in buying a new car and some talk about when electric would overtake gas. I posted about how Chromebooks have overtaken Macs for the first time, although they still lag far behind Windows. I saw some discussion about the origins of MP3 and Winamp, and some crap about that weird chess tourney you’re following. I saw Will post about Trump’s hotel in Washington being in deep trouble.

None of this is “omg he said ____”. You are stupid. And Dutch.

you really should read what i said and look at your replies lol :

i support doctors for lefties
but that’s just a typo
i meant the poor down-trodden
my support is obvious
i typed it

reggie’s tree fort clubhouse chat room requires a tie
and you can’t do something over if you didn’t do it in the first place