The Godless Dutch

I didn’t know that. Ty. I am not sure my aging mind will remember it but I will try to use it correctly.

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They make drugs legal but they ban laughing gas.

tea and coffee (and similar stuff) have been legal for quite some time… technically all other drugs have always been illegal but “tolerated”

its just another law that will mostly be ignored but it will allow the police to do something about escalations like partying hipsters that have barrels with laughing gas in their cars

We legalized pot and BC is planning to “decriminalize” possession of more drugs soon. I support this but only because of the total failure of the alternate method of prosecuting it. I am not soft. I would be fine with executing all the drug dealers and users but we don’t have the stones for that sort of approach here. What we’ve been doing has failed. Drugs are everywhere. We have areas of the city that look like third world shantytowns full of junkies. The old way didn’t work so let’s try this new way.

argh argentinia will block our path to the final and brasil will win… oh well better luck next time or maybe we can find a cow or an alpaca to predict a better result :wink:

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Interesting. As much as I dislike the Dutch, I have to admit I respect them for admitting this.