The Godless Dutch

Apparently the Godless Dutch want to rename themselves now. I don’t blame them. Holland is a stupid name. Land of Hos (or hoes as the case may be).

happy new year you old married guy!
you missed an opportunity there reg; hol means a few things in dutch but its also slang for anus / hole…

(geez… i have only been away for a little while and i had to re-register just to reply to this lol)

You just came back to prove me wrong about that. Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

of course! thanks a lot now i have to respond to that as well…

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Looking over this post and thinkingaboutits quick reponse I have to wonder how long he has been skulking about the dark fringes of BBAD. It’s a little scary.

lol 24/7 ofcourse
a little scary? wait until you find the hidden webcams in all of your bedrooms…

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I want a percentage when you sell the content.

thats the (american) spirit!


I like that! I gave you a pretty little pink heart.

I’m going to start liking most of Thinki’s posts. And capitalizing his name, of course. Ever helpful.

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You’re all heart.

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ha! you missed a lot of hearts… (i knew you wouldnt be able to keep up with my spam)

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This is an example of why I come here.

I think it’s ok in Holland.

A spokesman for English Heritage said: “This was a very rare incident”.

That’s why I posted it in the Dutch thread. I have always felt it is ok for the Dutch and Germans to do this as it’s part of their culture.

enlish castles part of dutch culture? lol keep searching am sure you can find something like this happened here as well

just remember: the bigger the country, the more weirdos

This is the Dutch culture I was referring to.

Plate XVII from ‘De Figuris Veneris’ by F.K. Forberg, illustrated by Édouard-Henri Avril.

ancient greek/roman books published by a german painted by a french lol keep searching