The Godless Dutch

our family pride! :wink:

The wicked Hague wants out of EU sanctions on Russia.

funny but it makes sense to me, apparently they hired an external company to find non-russian related companies that can provide them with gas at a reasonable price and none were found

will be interesting to see if they get the ok to postpone cancelling their contact with gazprom until 2023… then about 100 other dutch cities will follow with the same request (and then maaaany other cities in europe will follow lol)

ps: germany was smarter; they took control of the german version of gazprom (gazprom germania), kicked out all the russians and even renamed it to sefe lol
technically we could (and should) do the same but our government thinks its a bit shady lol so now they will have to pay for that

There appears to be quite a good chance that the EU will be buying gas from Russia indefinitely. A pipeline from Canada to the EU is not feasible (2600 km shortest distance, all over water). The EU just shut down for 2 years over Covid and can’t afford to shut down for another 2 over Ukraine.

The west will cut their losses with Ukraine in time, I think. That said, I expect Cold War v2 will last a long time.

yes very possible

and to think we have the largest natural gas field in europe right here in groningen lol

I remember that. But it matters little since you Dutch have chosen not to use it.

if things get rough / they dont want to pay outrageous prices for gas, they might have no other option

It is stupid not to use that field. Screw Groningen. Oh no, they will have a huge infusion of billions of euros into their economy, their property values will double, and they will have beautiful new facilities and infrastructure all paid for with corporate taxes. And the Dutch will no longer be at the mercy of Russia and Putin, and can even sell gas to the rest of Europe. How horrible.

Would they sell it to :de:?

I assume so. The silver lining of this is that the world is seeing the dangers of non-renewable energy. The obvious takeaway is make electricity locally and use it for EVERYTHING, even if it’s less efficient. Then nobody else can mess with you (short of declaring war on you).

it may lead to that but the environment is an important topic for many people; yes we have to pay more for gas/electricity but many can still easily afford it (the group that cant is growing though)… nature preservation is a big thing

our government would have to spend many millions in buying out and relocating those people from groningen but why would they and where to? some families have lived there for hundreds of years… imagine being a farmer, your father was a farmer, your grandfather, your greatgreatgrandfather and you are finally making decent money after many years of hard work…

some have been fighting the government for many years in court to try and get compensation for the damages to their properties because of the earthquakes caused by the gas mining and now tell them they need to sell everything and go away… with no location available to restart their business?.. ok not many may have guns like in the usa lol but good luck moving those people! :wink:

there is a major housing issue here in the netherlands; too many people and not enough room… (the average waiting time for lower incomes to rent a house is 7 years and in some areas over 20)

sure i like nature and it would be a waste to destroy some areas but how can preserving swamp areas be more important than houses for homeless people?! whatever happened to those inventive people that had no place to live so they created their own land? /end rant lol :wink:

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I hate to admit it but this is a key point that Nico makes. It is stupid to preserve ugly swamp land. It is stupid to preserve ugly old disgusting buildings that never should have been built in the first place as “historical architecture”. Canada (and the Netherlands, and Germany, and the USA) has a lot of really gorgeous architecture but 90% of buildings are hideous and could easily be nuked with no loss to the world. Much of that crap should be nuked and replaced with the higher density housing we need. And as far as the swampland goes, we would usually be far better off if we’d just cut down the trees with the protesting tree huggers still handcuffed to them.

guess its the best place to train soldiers?

Honestly, if you told me I had to live in Lviv or Indianapolis, I’d probably choose Lviv even though their country is at war. I’d choose Boston or Portland over Lviv though.

Indy is the most boring city I’ve been to.

I know why. They are wicked and uncultured.

iam sorry about your senility