The Environment

This is not as ridiculous as it may seem. How do you comply and still quarantine?

trump was already doing all he could to gut the EPA. This just gives him an excuse.

sounds like a handy excuse… polluting the air seems a weird way to help people who’s lungs are affected by this virus?

I agree and Trump is a tool, but how can a company both quarantine AND maintain pollution controls?

Why not?

use the bailout money from trump?

Of course oil and gas came running to be the first to pollute.

Well, I don’t know about how it works there but, for example, here we have several plants that can’t shut down. The staff maintaining the safety of the operation are all classed as essential workers and are not subject to quarantine. The staff measuring pollutants are not and are subject to quarantine.

if the operational staff are classed essential workers and cant do their job correctly without the staff measuring pollutants then they are both essential…

Change the terms of quarantine and you can certainly maintain pollution standards. Leave the quarantine the way it is and you can’t. That’s just simple logistics. It’s not an issue of ideology.

of course it is all about priorities… are the people that pick up your garbage considered essential? would not collecting garbage for a few weeks cause serious issues to the health of people?

Of course it will, but people seem to have forgotten the future right now and are willing to sacrifice everything to defend against this coronavirus. I don’t think that’s sensible but it is the approach we’ve taken and now we get to see where this ride takes us.

nods, guess it makes sense if you can focus and tackle one problem at a time… as long as you can do it in a reasonable time

It seems China’s air has improved during the quarantine. I would think parts of the USA are as well.

California comes to mind. They’ve been suffering slow-suffocation for years.

California’s air has been excellent. It’s not the 70s anymore.

This disgustingly asinine move will kill more people than coronavirus.

from the article -

This rule reflects the Department’s #1 priority—safety—by making newer, safer, cleaner vehicles more accessible for Americans who are, on average, driving 12-year old cars. By making newer, safer, and cleaner vehicles more accessible for American families, more lives will be saved and more jobs will be created.

They want to take my truck away!

The EPA is now totally owned.

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They should rename it the Environmental Purge Administration.