The end of the republican party

Fluorescent (false light) imaging tools.

I bet even some Republicans think that money could have been used on something better.

True, but then we thought the 40 million spent on the investigation into Trump collusion with Russia was money that could have been used on something better. We also thought the money used to bail out the banks in 2009 could have been used on something better.

Michele, that money flood for the banks was started under Bush during the 2008 financial crisis. It was carried on under Obama but Republicans are the ones who started that whole nonsense. It’s silly to say Republicans thought that money could be spent on something better.

Reg, I don’t care who started it. Both Obama and Bush thought nothing about we the people. That money could have been given to them/us* to pay their mortgage.

On that we agree totally. That money was wasted. Canada spent nothing.

By the way, Clinton was largely to fault for that, even though he hadn’t been in power for 8 years. He is the one who deregulated the banks and didn’t require them to meet stress tests. We left our banks regulated and didn’t have a single bank failure.

Interesting video. You have to wonder what was in it for him.

It looks like they are going to talk about whether electric companies should be able to charge whatever they want.

My electric bill was $145. Which is a little high. Left the Christmas lights on in January and the hot tub costs like an extra 50 bucks a month in the winter. 10 bucks in the summer.

I don’t mind paying taxes or utilities or insurance. By far the most annoying payment is interest to lenders.

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i mind paying for hotels in cancun
a senator needs to relax
am i right?
can i get an “aye”?

Lol. For some reason that made me chuckle.

I just looked it up. It appears loan officers do not get paid very well. Average is 63000. Not horrible but not a lot. Range is 30000 to 130000.

I remember when I sold my condo. I needed a legal document from my condo association for the buyer. I can’t remember what is was called. It had rules and bylaws. I remember paying $194 for the piece of paper and whining to my lawyer and realtor about how ridiculous that was. They didn’t have much sympathy for me. Perhaps they also charged 200 dollars for pieces of paper as well.

That’s a good conversation to have. Here, the power company is a crown corporation and what they charge is heavily regulated. They have absolutely no ability to spike rates just because they can.

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I would add this: I have trouble mustering up any sympathy for Texans who repeatedly elect Republican morons despite disaster after disaster. Sadly it’s the poor who will freeze and die, but if I could flip a switch and leave the entire Republican senate to fend for themselves outdoors for a few freezing nights, I would do it in a second.

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If they didn’t before, they did after you left.

You should run for office.

You don’t need auto insurance if you deposit between 30 to 60 k to your state.