The end of the republican party

We are watching is the inevitable fall of the republican party. The melting down of a once powerful entity into a quivering mass of paranoia. Why? The answer is right here in BBAD. We have our very own right winger here in BBAD. Michele. Read what she believes. More and more RWNJ’s believe as she does. Even those in congress now. So happy days. The struggle between good and evil is almost over. The evil (right wing) is self-destructing and the left will maintain their hold on power. You owe it all to trump you dumblasses, and yourselves for believing him. Enjoy!

Why do you think they’ll disappear, Will? They’re not going to stop believing their conspiracy theories. I fully expect they’ll continue to exist and will continue to tear your country apart. Perhaps they’ll have a lull post-Trump, but they’ll be back in power in 8 years imho. I hope I’m wrong.

I think as time passes and trump fades, people will awaken from the spell and come back toward sanity. RWNJ’s not so much and people will tire of their idiocy.

You have more faith in humanity than I do. I fully expect the conspiracy theories about Kamala being a Muslim communist from Canada (she actually went to school here) to start in a few years. People will be sick of Biden by then so the field will be ripe for the picking by some new Republican asswipe telling Americans that free health care will lead to death camps and communism.

You are correct in assuming I have more faith in the right wing populace coming to a place of sanity. There have been some early defections already and as trump fades to a distant memory so will his attraction. I realize the republican base is made up of a majority of idiots but sane Americans will not put up with another jerk-off like trump any time soon.

watching a CNN special about the trump insurrection. Disgusting animals.

This is the problem. I don’t mean to be anti-American and I’m not anti-American in that I honestly wish the best for your country. I just see no way out of your problems when 30% of your country believes that a satanic cabal of pedophile Jews (remarkably being led by gentile Bill Gates) is conspiring to enslave humanity using mind-controlling vaccines that get triggered by 5g and that Donald Trump is their only hope against this evil army.

Another 20% don’t buy that lunacy but don’t care enough to vote against it if their pet policies are best served by the Republicans.

The remaining sane 50% often can’t be bothered to get off their asses and vote. I don’t really blame them. It’s discouraging living through this time.

It’s tough seeing a peaceful way out of this.

yeah, it’s discouraging all right. A fine mess.

Hillary was right. They are deplorable.

Totally contemptible.

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Why do you say 8 years?

shouldn’t you be getting ready for church?

By the election there were over 11,000 uhh “defections” from the Democratic Party. Since the election was stolen, roughly how many Republicans have changed parties? “Roughly” leaves the door open to any number. Maybe you should be specific about this great mass Republican exodus.

lol still clinging to the big lie?

I pity you small minded deplorables.

going to bed

It’s a relief to know we don’t have to put up with him but we are not quite ready to replace him but we appreciate the gesture.

Still in denial!

What a crock of crap.

If that’s not true, what are quantum dots?

And yet the whole country is going to move in a rightward direction.

i don’t know