The Decline And Fall of the Human Race

Really, Reg? Is this the best you could do?

detention camps
racially motivated public policy
massive rallies and blind eyes
fuck biden and fuck moving forward together united unified as one
these people were trying to kill me
in four more years, they might have
they’re out in the open now
let’s kill them before they get to the woodwork

Obama cages.

Invite the world and make Republicans pay for it.

The awakening. Trust the plan.

You were wearing a target.

Let’s kill them with the woodwork.

that’s the first post from ish that made sense

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That’s because it appears to be empty.

I can’t post any more gifs. I think I am GIF-banned

thanks for explaining
it nice to have an expert on empty
now quote each sentence and say the opposite
one trick pony

It’s nice you recognized empty early. You’ve done this before haven’t you.

Anything else would require thought and I’m empty.

how will “it” be able to say “yes”?

  • still makes more sense to me than trans-homo-marriage stuff if you asked me. Not saying I endorse doll-marriage

You sound like a pronoun and that is not a compliment.

UN report finds nine out of 10 countries have fallen behind on life expectancy, education and living standards.

Isn’t that part of the globalist plan?