The Bizarre

The world is getting weird.

Doesn’t this make you want to ask what this world is coming to?

what do you mean getting weird? its been very weird in your country for a long time

Weird or common? This is nothing out of the ordinary for men out of the earshot of women.

perhaps there, but thats not my experience

Oh, please. I don’t buy that. Maybe you personally don’t do that. My hubby doesn’t partake in trash talk either. But I believe most average men do.

trashtalking is what kids do
no real men participate in such behaviour, only sick people like the guy in your video

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trumps “sincere apology” justifying his actions by blaming and attacking others

No apology would be good enough for liberal men who rightly believe that his words were wrong. Those same liberal men will also say that murder is wrong but not for women.

when your apology consists for the most part out of attacking others its not an apology but its a sick attempt of justification

except in america where its normal behaviour that is rewarded by making you president

people are people, murder is always wrong

Yeah, I know. We made a huge mistake in not electing Hillary Clinton. What can I say about that. The damage is done and it’s irreversible. Perhaps Bernie will win the election and provide free counseling to 2016 voters.

electing someone who wants to cut down on military… now you are being silly

Yes but he wants to give us free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff.

Since when are you for us keeping our military? I thought the world hated our military because they think we are policing the world.

lol of course iam not in favour of spending trillions on millitary instead of spending that on useful things, i just imagined what is most important for americans

lol i dont hate americans, i see you as a big dangerous baby that one day will grow up and follow the teachings of your imaginary jesus

Oh I missed the sarcasm.

We don’t hate you either. Your country inspires us so that when we grow up we hope to get the green light to be just like you.

you are already exactly like us, a couple hundred years ago when we ruled the world

Your country ruled the world 200 years ago?

more like 400