The bible and private posessions

He did MANY things in my life, sometimes even to my astonishment and I have to acknoledge his odd, almost South-Parkian sense of humor. But what You mention is exactly what is still missing.
The occurances in my life with god cannot be explained by “coincidence” because of the sheer amount.
If I may quote infamous German Neo…, professor of alternative physics and space travel Dr. Stoll

das Wort “Zufall” ist aus meinem Wortschatz ersatzlos gestrichen

(The word “coincidence” has been wiped entirely from my vocabulary)
100% comply

I have no idea and only can think of he is holding me in a holding-pattern because he didn’t find me useful to him yet.
I also don’t know why other people received messages for sure. Those who do also told me that "I shouldn’t seek god so much on a technical/pragmatic/top-heavy level. Thats what they all told me: My attempt was too top-heavy to be able to hear his voice. But god created me that way, so I hope he allows access to him one day the way he created me…

I think he is pretty busy these days. Look at the universe he is attending and then the struggle between good and evil is at hand. And there are many people calling him with calls more urgent and dramatic than mine. I think he might not have time for me on some occasions and that is OK with me, because I still haven’t issued an “emergency call” yet.

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I love that you answer this honestly. He’s never visited me and told me what he wants, either.

I only suggest to you that you avoid the temptation to “interpret” trivial little things as signs from God, thereby excusing him from revealing himself to you. Most Christians do this. They seek an encounter with God and then, after God never shows up, they lower the bar and say, “oh look, my dog took a shit on the carpet, that is God revealing himself to me”.

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Are you going to tell us you’ve never experienced anything beyond explanation?

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I have never experienced anything that could credibly be called a visit from God, Michele.

I love how willing you are to flush an experience.

You lie too.

Uh oh. Strife on the bible channel?

I wanted to “like” Your answer, too, but I cannot.
Yes, of course I answer honestly. This is bbad, I can post freely without any consequence. Why should I lie. I am desperately seeking for the path, praying to find the narrow path on a daily basis - the is no use of pretend or lie, at least not here, where there is no danger involved.

NoNoNoNo! The things I encountered were not trivial. There have been soo many “glitches” in my life like in the movie Matrix. “Dude, cannot be, impossible”.
Certain failure, certain defeat, certain damage through stupidity. But it didn’t happen. Somehow there is a force that despite of all my failures I encountered since childhood - is keeping me on track. And it began WAY before me beginning to search for him.
If this happens some times - one tends to say “hey, good luck” “nice coincidence”. But this already happend too many times. Call it a conspiracy theory, but even if I don’t hear god calling me - I can feel him pulling me closer to him and I cannot resist.

Can You hear his voice, sister?
Maybe women have a different access to all this
Mary Magdalene can tell

You don’t? How do you function? How do you know if you should go left or right?

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps

Proverbs 16:9

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You don’t do anything without Him.

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I am praying for signs.
Otherwise, I encounter myself still doing much on my own. I am working on the issue

God has never shown you any sign? How is it you have faith to believe?

NoNoNo. I actually detailed some minutes ago that I have encountered quite some signs while praying for many. When I didn’t receive a sign in return or I forgot to pray then I did what seemed the logical path or the best suiting option or if I have been lazy, the easiest path

Honestly, Daniel, I think you’re overthinking your walk. There’s not anything you can do but walk it with faith. That’s the only thing you’re charged to do and accept whatever path He leads you down. I don’t want to sound like some preachy preacher because God isn’t pushy so I don’t want to be pushy either. As Revelation said, He’s pully. Your desire to know Him better is a blessing because He’s coming for a bride without spot or blemish and I do pray we are all counted worthy.

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I don’t think he’s overthinking at all. Show yourself, God. Drop by my condo tonight. Tell me what you want of me. And don’t have the cat jump on the sofa and expect me to think that’s a sign from God. Show up. Show yourself.

With an invitation like that, I can’t even imagine a cat sitting on your sofa.


I am overthinking some lately. Making preparation to be better able to react to god’s calling. Freeing oneself of fixes that don’t allow for that. Trying to use a bad situation to one’s advantage, always having closeness to god and readiness in mind.

The crazy thing is, one - or at least I - only see whether I responded correctly to god pulling me in retrospective. While the act is ongoing, I don’t seem to have good means to evaluate.

I’m sorry let me run fetch good means.