The bible and private posessions

Hutterites and some Mennonites live without private belongings but with a common purse instead.
Other churches don’t and either

  • quote examples from the bible where righteous followers of Christ didn’t do it (“had private homes”, “had private businesses”)
  • tell that this was bound only to a certain time (e.g. of persecution or the first church)

Reading the bible I find more and more hints that Jeshuah likely seeks the former for his elite (followers of Jeshua). I might add some excerpts from the bible to back this apart from the hutterite Acts 2:44

The idea of living without private property is idyllic and I’m not even against it if society as a whole adopts it, but until then, to live without private possessions as a person in 2020 is foolish.

Consider how many crazy cults you’ve aligned yourself with, from radical Islam to white nationalism to hardcore Judaism to anarchist Czech bisexuals. Be realistic and consider that this Mennonite phase could be temporary, too.

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This is true, Reg.
Translation: This can only been done when joining a more or less homogeneous group of believers. Thank You for this important hint.

OK. Let’s see if it has standing power. My love for goats and full-sized, round female behinds however has proven to be pretty long-lasting.
I still cannot go through this needle’s eye because of my current situation, but before 2020 I didn’t even consider “going through the needle eye” as a viable option.
I’ll keep an eye on communities and - more importantly - keep on detaching from worldly posessions. Ebay is my friend

No, I am more negative than that. I am saying that, even if you do join “a more or less homogeneous group of believers”, that joining could be temporary and, upon leaving, you could be stranded in a materialistic society with nothing. Even worse, leaving may prove simply impossible if you find yourself wanting to go but not having the means to do it.

Thank You again! Very thoughtful! Actually this is the reason I am visiting communities after having read about them meticulously.

My children I support from time to time are - apart from the stupid, artificial pharmafascist situation - actually the biggest hindrance to join “Danielstyle” - You know, in a frantic frenzy of redemptive emotions, urgently seeking salvation -.
So translation: The burden hindering to join mindlessly like hopping on the Trump-train with waving flags is actually my guarantee to only join if I am 100% secure that it is the act Jeshua wants me to do.

However, Jeshua is seeking followers ready to leave everything behind - only THEN to follow him

Awfully big of you.

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Does clothing count as a private possession?

  1. The good Israelite (Luke 18:18)
    Asessing him, we learn he had the
  • right upbringing (by his parents)
  • right timing (living in Jeshuas time)
  • right “race and nation” (living amongst Jeshua and not e.g. in Germania Magna or some Indian tribe)
  • right general attitude (after his upbringing as a man of faith and law)
  • right attitude towards Jeshua (acknoledging him)
  • luck to be one out of many who came in direct contact with Jeshua

He was near perfect

But Jeshua said to him “You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have, give it to those in need and you will have treasure in heaven.

  • "THEN come, follow me.”

You know, I said to a priest once, how good and easy the people of the time of Jeshua had it because he was there in person. Pretty injust. But the righteous priest said to me:

Forget it, Daniel. Many didn’t recognize him. And many of the few who did, didn’t obey him. And how sad is this. You’re lucky, You’re just about to learning him to know. They utterly failed, You still have a chance.

This priest was right! The good Israelite has come sooooo close to the kingdom - and failed. And how sad he must have been!

Like US election. Imagine!
I know, it is sad for some recent Trumpsters to learn about a possible loss of Trump.
But how sad it must be to come close to a “kingdom” and yet still fail. Trump’s Telegram is a witness to this. Maybe this is the only true message of the 2020 election.

I and many BBADers still have the chance to receive the kindgom as gift like a [spiritual] child :heart:
Godless Catholic heathens are prone to become born-again.

Good question!
I can assure you that it doesn’t - at least not underwear.
A question on my community-question list is:

since everybody exchanges services with every other member, how do you prevent dirty undies from swapping around too much?

I have quite some reluctance to let my dirty undies “be handled” by others and also to handle dirty underwear from others, especially non-family members

Who is Jeshuah to you?

Have you laid everything at the alter for Him?

Nothing counts as a private possession on BBAD.

So true. Sad, I mean, that you neither recognize or obey Him and you still find it sad.

We all fall short of the glory of God. If you had your eyes on Jesus you wouldn’t be so concerned with someone else’s failures.
Jus’ sayin’

No one in Trump territory is crying because Trump hasn’t lost this election. Why are you so negative, Nancy?

I’m not sure that’s the message but truth is what we are searching for. Perhaps you should pray for that tonight.

No, but I am actually “counting the cost” :wink:

Well, but they say, “there is a life apart from BBAD”

I am honestly giving it a try. One cannot for instance obey before hearing the voice. I still need some training.

His or yours?

If you haven’t heard His voice, why do you speak for Him?

But this is good news, though!

I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. But the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Mt 8 : 11-12)

What?! Everyone is called out to count his own cost of following Jeshua - of course. Building a tower, buying the field with the pearl of great price.
Jeshua cannot follow Jeshua hence he doesn’t count any cost. He is the teacher.

Maybe I have heart it. I am uncertain about this issue. I still need more time.

Maybe, Thomas?

Take all the time you need. Be like Palestine and take 4 years while we make peace with other regions of the Middle East. No one wants you to say or do anything against your will.

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I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this. Someone really wants to “hear” from God, and so they go around convincing themselves that every little thing is somehow a sign from God. Maybe that particularly pungent bit of gas was a sign from God.

I am glad to hear from You on this topic.
Maybe I am sometimes do not explain myself correctly. I have experienced problems in regards to this topic before.
I have personally seen the hand of god many times in my life, even before searching for him.

  • I even had visions and twice those visions came true exactly as dreamt

There have been way too many “coincidences” to not account for his presence in my life. Too much luck for an off track sheep to experience in one life already.

However, I often lag instructions or voices when I ask for them in prayer.
I asked 2 rabbis/teachers/people of faith more advanced than myself:

He didn’t talk to me. I don’t hear voices in my head.


  • No no, it is different. Hearing voices in Your head actually wouldn’t be a positive sign
  • It seems, it is supposed to be more of an “indirect voice”, an direction of heart, what is meant by “my sheep hear my voice”, not the type of voice you are used to when listening to humans.

Daniel, has God every come up to you and said, “Hi Daniel, I am God. Here’s what I want of you.”?

If not, why not? Does god have shyness issues?