The Afghanistan lies

The Pentagon Papers once again.

What a fucking waste.


Unless you are looking to influence me and the world in an unhealthy way, clean it up. It may be a waste but there are many other, more qualified, adjectives to describe it besides fucking. If anyone complains, blame me.

I doubt anyone here would influence others. Not as far as going in a 180. I have been influenced though. BBAD has helped me learn just how dumb the president is. That took me a while to realize, admittedly. Which is disappointing, since I thought he was pretty dumb to begin with.

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“He’s a fucking moron” - Rex Tilllerson

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Amen. I disliked Tillerson and continue to dislike him but he was not an imbecile unlike the orange idiot.

I found the language in that link to be disgusting and inappropriate to use in our friendly forum. Michele, please pray over this and repent.

Don’t I always

fuck you you fucking fuck

Biden fulfills Trump deal and promise: US and NATO allies leaving Afghanistan already!!!
I didn’t even take note of this going on already. Wow!

HAIL Biden (well only in this regard, but anyways, what I read is what I like!)

German politician criticizes rushed withdrawal of German troops pushed forth by US.
Quote: “soo undeserving!”

Do I smell globalist tears?!?! Soooo sweet!

“undeserving after 20 years (!) of “service” to becoming informed by an ally about the withdrawal data as appointed in regards to some symbolic US holiday” (4th of July)

oh man, this tastes sooo good for me as an opponent to this “nation building” globalist crap. I think I had a hard on reading this. Long live nationalism!

“We aren’t the lapdogs of the US”

Mrs. Zimmermann, I am so sorry to tell you but you are exactly this! Hahaha. Please don’t kill the messenger!! Hahaha

Another German lefty politician:

“so much for transatlantic partnership at eye level.”

I think I just had an ejaculation just from licking these globalist tears!

FDP-Verteidigungspolitikerin Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann kritisiert ein Drängen der USA auf einen schnelleren Abzug aus Afghanistan. Es sei „einfach nur unwürdig“, sich nach 20 Jahren bei der Frage des Abzugs an den symbolischen Feiertagen der USA ausrichten zu müssen. „Wir sind nicht die Zierpüppchen der USA, auch wenn diese den Hut aufhaben“" (Source:

sagte Linken-Verteidigungspolitiker Alexander Neu. „So viel zur transatlantischen Partnerschaft auf Augenhöhe.“ (

Thank You President Donald Trump for keeping your promises even though they stole your presidency by fraud. God bless.

Fuck trump. Go to jail!

Let me get this straight. Biden pulls troops from Afghanistan, you’re happy and you praise Trump?

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I am sooo happy right now you cannot imagine.
Nation building failed entirely!!! MSM even acknoledging.
Mennonites withstood persecution in the middle ages standing ground and their faith in my god without violence by not compromising but fleeing from country to country instead - very noble but risky - Yeshuas way.
Taliban stood to their god and stood their ground. Maybe not a perfect way, but they did it. Mohammed’s way. 40 years of resistance - regarless of their faith and deeds however wrong they might be - need to be celebrated IMHO.

Just to correct You slightly :wink:
I am happy and praising PRESIDENT Trump

Biden “presidency” is just a so called “conspiracy theory” anyways. President Trump still is operative and in full gear if You asked me.
President Trump negotiated with Taliban and effectively paved the way. Biden’s fake presidency just reaped what was inevitable anyways. PRAISE PRESIDENT Trump, president of the land of the brave and home of the free, may god grant him everything he wishes for

Communism, Capitalism, Zionism, Technocracy, Pharmafascism, Vaccinism, 666, Socialism, NWO, Great Reset, Nation Building, Westernism - every godless regime shall fail at the end!!!

Because bible says at the end everything will be good. And if it hasn’t turned out all good yet then the end hasn’t arrived yet;-)

Not yet, Kameraden, not yet!!!

So true, when Trump finally will have been granted Paradise he will be making sweet love to several virgins at once according to Taliban world view :wink:

But for now, President Trump is still here, ALIVE AND KICKING and we bbaders, too

Sooooo, I am calling You out for a

I don’t believe Trump has proclaimed Mohammed as the prophet of God, or that he prays multiple times per day facing Mecca. I could be wrong.

Do You think President Trump has got an ice-cold, alcohol-free halal beer in his hands singing the “celebration” song right now?

beer? naww more likely 1 hamburger in his mouth and 2 in his hands