So I hate TV but the woman likes to watch Colombian news and soccer. She especially likes watching TV in bed. To compromise, I jury rigged a jailbroken firestick with a laser projector I had lying around from my business. The TV is now a small box she can plop on the bed when she wants it and which doesn’t uglify my world when she doesn’t. Even the cat likes it.

That is a very cool picture. Your woman laying in bed watching tv on the ceiling with a cat on top. Very nice. On top of that it is probably cold as hell outside which makes it all the more comforting. And of course you have to please the cat too.

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You’re a genius, Reg. When and where did you get that interesting, pop of red, wall art?

I was at a Starbucks in Vancouver with Gunda about 14 years ago and we saw it on the wall for sale for $5000. I took his card and emailed him with something like, “I can’t spend $5k on a piece of art but I wanted you to know I really liked it.” He emailed back with something like, “I am more interested in finding it a good home than in making money,” which I interpreted as, “I have no food money, please offer me anything at all.” I offered him $500, he took it, and it’s been on my wall since.


Well that is interesting because that was around the time you created Bbad wasn’t it?

Yes, right around then. Gunda played a big role in that, as did Kyaela. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ky is dead. I haven’t heard from her for several years. She was homeless and couldn’t hold a job. Serious mental problems. Gunda is doing fine from what I can tell although we aren’t friends anymore.


Life is complex.

You should apologize to her. Its your fault.

Any sentence that starts with, “its complicated or complex” usually means its my fault but I’m a complete dick that doesn’t care what she, or really, anyone for that matter, thinks.

Btw, it’s a beautiful piece. I hope it brings you many years of comfort and satisfaction.

The artist chatted with us for awhile when we picked it up. He has heart problems and this was his artistic representation of his own very flawed heart. I remember thinking how well it suited me. We all have flawed hearts and mine is perhaps more flawed than most.

What role did Ky play?

Mostly encouragement, which may sound trivial but without it I would’ve given up early on. Her advice was awful but whatever. Gunda actually gave me some really good and useful feedback/advice early on. The first cut of the site was largely based on her feedback. Now we’ve kinda settled in to being a small group and I quite like it this way. Nobody’s stressing the details, including me.

I spoke with Ky on the phone once. She talked non stop. Couldn’t get in a word.

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Not at all, Reg. Your mind is flawed. Your heart is empty. Be certain, it suits you.

I like that piece as well.

I was talking about the artwork. Not Reg’s wife. I’d like to make that clear that I’m not being derogatory, rude and insensitive. I don’t refer to women as pieces and would definitely not call another man’s wife, "a piece. "

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Ky was one of the few people I talked to. No judgment. I hope she is doing well.

I would love to hear from @Gundi because I have noticed her demeanor changed. Her posted subjects are limited to music and something personal, which is not the way I remember her.

Edit to rephrase: Ky was one of the few people I “felt comfortable” talking to.

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