No, and no rational human could read that description and conclude that I do. I support the right of some humans under 18 to make that decision, regardless of whether their parents agree.

Off the top of my head, some standards could be:

  • The patient passes a cognitive test.
  • Two doctors certify that the child has adult-level decision making capacity.
  • Two doctors certify that there is no reasonable expectation of a recovery.
  • Two doctors certify that death is reasonably foreseeable or that the patient’s current condition does not provide enough quality of life to be considered “tolerable” by most people in that doctor’s experience.

I don’t really see why the parents should have a lot of special rights here. The child is not their property. Many parents have silly religious or other superstitious prohibitions against termination. I do not see why a child needs to suffer intolerably to satisfy their parent’s superstitions.

This is an interesting case. I could have posted it in several topics. I chose this one. EDIT: I totally support her right to die. Death is everyone’s right. Perhaps especially one in that position.

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We have had assisted dying here for years. It is much better.

We have assisted living, too. When that becomes intolerable, there is assisted dying.

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I’m well aware of your legalized genocide there, Satan.

We’re facing a decision in Canada about whether to allow people with solely mental issues to suicide with a doctor’s assistance. I am totally for this. Ours is among the most civilized countries in the world when it comes to letting people go when they want to go. I am grateful that we have so much respect for human life that we allow our elderly and infirmed a decent ending when they choose it.

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Canada chickened out.

There’s no misunderstanding. They just need more time to pretend they are looking for a way to make it legal to kill the mental, while simultaneously searching for mental people they can bait to use to justify their agenda to murder the unfittest, much like Roe vs Wade.

It was too much for the mentally weak people of Canada, it seems. Not the mentally ill people who wanted to end their lives. They’re fine. I mean the queasy people who couldn’t deal with the idea of them having the right to do it.

Sorry, I can’t wrap my mind around that at all. Their agenda is death and they will make it legal for everyone equally, eventually.

I hope so.

“Death is every man’s right.” – Robert A. Heinlein

I read some of his quotes. He’s an atheist so I doubt he recognizes that life is every man’s right, even the unborn.

He was an agnostic, but he was also a RWNJ, very anti-abortion.

That may be true. Some say he was religious but through a different “Universalist” lens.

PTB Letters (#50) A Desire to Save the Souls of Men - The Barnum Museum.

Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking about Heinlein. That’s the guy I quoted in the message right before your comment on quotes. I have no idea about Barnum’s beliefs.

No, you were right. I confused the subjects. Heinlein was the one who said, “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” lol funny. Anyway, I’m not sure why he was anti-abortion. I don’t see why abortion would matter to an agnostic.
One thing I found really interesting about the first book or short story that he wrote was a fictional story about a man who created a machine that could predict death. FF 80 years…

Can this AI Tool Predict Your Death? Maybe, But Don't Panic | Scientific American.

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Cool! I would like to know when I’m going to die.

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Absolutely the dumbest question lol. Do you think dementia patients will remember they requested death?