'tis the season…


Yes. Let’s talk about suicide. I know Americans are all snarled up when it comes to death and sex, but we might as well begin. I have no problem with it. Some cultures accept it as an honorable way to die. Others, particularly the religious say you will go to hell.

When a persons life becomes intolerable whether due to physical or emotional suffering do you consider suicide to be an acceptable form of death?


Not much to talk about when we agree. Death is everyone’s right. Including hers.


Yes. Sometime in the spring I will relinquish my membership in BBAD. It has been an interesting site and I have met many people here. I will wish you all well.


I think I understand. I wish you well, Will. I hope you stay long enough to see Trump impeached. :slight_smile:


Thanks Reg. Not sure about the latter but I hope it happens.


That is such a weak and hurtful attempt at avoiding hard times in life. Fwiw, suicide is no more an option that divorce.
Although, assisted suicide should be an option and whenever you two are ready, call me. Because I want nothing more than to help you over that difficult hurdle in life. Since you both have sacrificed so much of your precious time helping me. It is the least I can do. :chess_pawn:



Why does almost everyone in the western world look so depressed?