Yes, Michele, I have. My friend who just died of cancer tried a few such false-hope remedies before he gave up and opted for assisted death.

Are you saying that cancer can survive in an Alkaline body?

I do not even know what an alkaline body is, Michele, nor do I care. I am saying that most home remedies for cancer are useless.

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that chinese airplane drove straight into the ground
that oklahoma car driver killed six people by driving into a 17.99 % truck at a cumulative 140 mph

i have 17 9.99 pictures of my driveway%%%

no doubt a healthy home environment
family issued a public statement
asking for privacy

Ashley Judd Honors Her Mother Naomi Judd in Touching Post: “Be Free, My Beautiful Mother”

your mother is dead and can’t see your touching post
work it out in private
or on twitter
or on mars

i hope so

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This could have been posted in the Canada topic but I didn’t want to detract from our new figure skating rules so I’m posting it here. I totally support this.

I totally support this. Death is everyone’s right.

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Does Canada offer assisted suicide for diabetics? And will you be supporting that if they do offer it?

No and yes.


the article mentions:

“A panel of Canadian lawmakers has called for the country’s assisted suicide program to be extended to minors, even in cases where their parents object to the decision to end their lives.”

iam in favour of adults having the right to end their life, but it gets a bit creepy and insane to me when it involves kids making such decisions when their parents/guardians are opposed

I agree with this concern, but I also don’t like the idea of some religious nut parent forcing a kid to suffer for months or years with no hope of recovery because God.

So where do you stand on the issue? Who has the right to decide how long a child gets to live?

I’m totally fine with what the report recommends:

The report urged the government to amend its law on assisted suicide to make the service available to minors deemed to have “the requisite decision-making capacity.”

Assisted suicide should be available only to “mature minors” whose “natural death is reasonably foreseeable,” the committee said. The government would need to establish standards for assessing a youngster’s capacity to make such a decision

So you support the governments rights to choose when a child should die?