Spreading lies

If I wanted to be a business partner or go out and do some activity like riding, exercise, or whatever with someone here you would ask or hint that homosexuality or being gay. If I moved close to becoming a business partner or simply getting more financial reward from my time here with anyone you suggest the same.

This keeps you as the big time market investor stock expert online trader and it suggests without you everyone is prone to falling to some gay lifestyle of destruction.

You also assume others are gay or sexually dysfunctional if not responsive to you. Have you ever seen some cadaver videos? Should somebody be responsive to that?

You are an older overweight and unhealthy bisexual women who enjoys drinking and smoking and use of recreational marijuana.

You are not me.

What a roast. Not all of those are insults, though.

i tried imagining gracie dancing the twist to either of those rem songs
now i want a brain enema

I wish I had such supportive friends.

You 3 work well as a team.

Every bit as well as Will and Reg.

I don’t attack you, Michele. I do attack your positions and opinions, which I feel is different. I also don’t think Dan attacked you.

Well couldn’t you just clap with your buddy when you started attacking me here a few years back? You with all your overindulgence find yourself alone again. Will you leave somebody the same way?

You don’t have a self driving car, yet you know you cannot drive it. You know how fat your body feels and how you must put the burden of getting in and out off on somebody else. YES IT IS DETECTABLE AND UNPLEASANT WHEN YOU DO THIS. You cannot hold the steering wheel appropriately, cannot see, or even work your legs enough to actually push any pedals. You keep your right to drive by advertising yourself as a voter.

Worse thing is you reason somebody else must be doing it for you and even helping you with groceries and stuffing your face with food, drinks, and cigarettes and recreational cannabis. Since you discovered your mouth can’t really produce suction or salivate or steadily chew, somebody else must be doing the activity with great enough enthusiasm to carry over to your choices.

Because you have no drive and make no effort somebody is doing this for you when you are coupling yourself with others for pleasure. Even keeping your head up, your body braced and steady, and doing mouth functions. You imagine you see through their eyes and have secret knowledge of their lists and desires.

When you look at a man you imagine how easy you could be a wife to him, this goes for politicians you discuss here. If anyone mentions they would vote for or support any male candidate you immediately act as if the person is sexually worshipping the person and it is due for nothing such as character and leadership abilities, economic views and foreign policy.

If you laid down on top of another woman for the pleasure of your husband don’t shame everyone else here and make their bodies the same way.

You are truly insane Mark. What about YOUR body? YOu’re obese and apelike. I imagine you smell bad. No woman will have you. YOu live in a ghetto. YOu’re poor and ignorant and fat. Do you somehow imagine you are better than anyone else? You’re not.

That’s true. Don’t add any more fat or health problems. I don’t care if my body can take fifty times the amount. It’s not right.

if you are not those things, are you better than silky?
i just ask because i’m not sure if 4/4 or 6/8 beat would make it sound better

my mother was fat

was she also ignorant?

I’ve never heard that song but it doesn’t have a great beat so I guess I see why.
gracie typed that
it’s snarky
you can type you like songs that say “everybody hurts”
you can type that you like songs that say “mr. andy kaufman’s gone wrestling”
you can type “i like songs i heard while i was young”
if you wanna get snarky about 6/8 vs. 4/4
god bless you

No it’s not. Maybe you’re just reading it wrong. Sometimes my words run together. Flip them upside down. Disappointed is the goal.

There are a lot of errors and untruths in your posts, Mark.

I cannot make sense from anything from you. I can’t even do basic math or understand anything numeric.

You have been warned.

moonie issues statement insisting palace is not a ghetto