Spreading lies

Why don’t you ask Will.

you don’ t understand your own question do you?

Yes but apparently neither you or Reg understand mine.

No, Michele, this is nonsense. I’m asking you a perfectly reasonable thing. You asked:

So is it garbage and a conspiracy theory or is it a fact and contractors are to blame because one of you smart asses are wrong.

I asked, “Is what garbage and a conspiracy theory? Specifically.”

I believe you don’t know what you’re talking about, and have no idea what you’re even asking. All you have to do to prove me wrong is answer me, and then I’ll answer your question.

reggie thinks 9 11
moonie thinks neil armstrong
gracie thinks jesus is coming
thinkie thinks pitbull are adorable
what did i miss?

i missed an ess

dont worry… i also think all of you are adorable;)

do i look worried?


necktie too tight?

don’t despair
you can go back and change it later

I believe my response was to ask Will. He’s the one who defined it as garbage and I don’t care if you answer my question or not. It won’t be the first time you’ve ignored my question. I seriously doubt it will be the last, unless you’ve grown a pair since I was here last.

Yourself. I’ll help.

Bill thinks…Bill doesn’t think. Bill only reads and posts half sentences.

neil armstrong? what drugs are you doing now?

Don’t you think that’s about the crazy comment you made about us never going to the moon which begs the question, what drugs are you on?

who knows how or if he thinks

I’ve never heard that song but it doesn’t have a great beat so I guess I see why.

REM was not my favorite band growing up but they did have a couple of good songs.

I’ve never seen this video but I always thought it was a pretty song.

that’s funny
gracie says one song has a bad beat
gracie says the other is good
they have similar beats
hum them if you don’t believe me
or add “music” to the list of things that gracie is ignorant about

You are the person who can like this group. If anyone male listens to a male band or artist you suggest immediately they it is due to homosexual or gay attraction.

You do it with political candidates as well or anyone just being normally friendly.

Not everyone will behave like you.