Spreading lies

I think it is passed time to put a warning on any post made by Michele that it bears fact checking. Her posts are notorious for disseminating false information.

You can start with fact-checking this article and when you find out it’s true, come back and tell me why your party is feeding our national guard metal shavings. Does the hatred run that deep?

It never said who prepared the food but I bet it was a bunch of right wing butt fucks just like you.

We wisely have the guard in DC to protect against right wing trash going nuts again as they have threatened to do. You people should be locked up.

This is so stupid. The food was bad, apparently. This is not the fault of democrats. It is the fault of the food contractor hired by the national guard. It has nothing to do with democrats.

It IS stupid. Which is why I made this topic. The majority of her posts are stupid.

Even the food contractor is probably not trying to kill anyone. They’re almost certainly just incompetent. There’s nothing in it for anyone to be serving bad food to people. This is as stupid as looking at potholes in the street and saying it’s some plot to kill Republicans because Ted Cruz drives on that road every other Thursday and you can’t tell me that’s a coincidence.

The operative word here is stupid. Michele is consistently and beyond belief stupid. I beginning to think she has the mental capacity of Mark.

The cells used in the development of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine derive from a fetus aborted in the early 1970s and have been replicated numerous times across various scientific firms and pharmaceutical companies.

just not so much on the sabbath

That’s funny. One of you called the whole thing garbage while the other disputed where to lay the blame…and you call me stupid. :roll_eyes:

yes we do

So is it garbage and a conspiracy theory or is it a fact and contractors are to blame because one of you smart asses are wrong. Either way, I’m right.

it would make more sense if they were right wing contractors.

What are you right about, Michele? As far as I can tell, you’re right about the fact that the food contractor hired by the national guard failed to deliver a quality product. Is there anything else here?

If not, will you be reporting next on any dissatisfaction that may exist with the plumbers and electricians hired by various government agencies? Perhaps the guy that delivers the office water bottles has been coming late recently.

In her madness she’s trying to put responsibility on the left.

In their hypocracy they circle the question.

What question, Michele? Speak clearly.

This question.

Is what garbage and a conspiracy theory? Specifically.