I love this. I hope he dies in prison, too, and that the Spaniards abandon this stupid institution.

I love this even more. The former Spanish king is on the run, now apparently in Abu Dhabi. Time to throw all royals in prison for the crime of being a royal.

Ughhh. Now You talk like a marxist. That king should grow some balls and return to Spain with power and might. Under glorious leader Franco this pathetic commie crap wouldn’t have happened.

You like royals, Daniel? This surprises me a bit.

First of all, the form of government Jeshua Jesus the Christ will establish at his return is:


Also, this Juan Carlos guy is not talking about enforced vaccinations, new world order or destroying nations. I don’t hate him

He is an entitled thief. I hate him. I hope he dies in a Spanish prison.


There’s some corruption in any latin country. His minor misdemeanors should be ignored gladly as he is a royal, of age and doesn’t hurt anyone.