There does seem to be a struggle with leadership in Spain.

If you know Spanish, I’d like to know what the farmer said.

He didn’t really say anything interesting. Madrid is agriculture. People love us because we are farmers. We need change or we’re going to return. We’ll be back until there is change. Thank you for all your support.

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This is a growing occurrence all over Europe. I am torn. I agree with them, but I’m also a tourist. I would hate to see a world where travel was discouraged.

You’re not really torn if you agree with them. Look what the locals do. They graffiti their own city and childishly use water guns to disrupt tourism. On top of that they would rather have, most likely unvetted, refugees walking the streets than tourists. They must be board in their hideaway homes. Not enough action, crime, homelessness and death for them.

They aren’t discouraging travel for themselves or refugees. It’s strictly targeting the tourist. What a bunch of stuck up people. Spain is beautiful in pictures.

Michele, that was unusually silly. These people complaining about high prices do not graffiti their own city. I’ve never seen a lot of graffiti in Spain or anywhere in Europe. That’s mostly an American thing (America being used correctly as anywhere in the Americas). I doubt many of them support unvetted refugees either. What a lot of nonsense.

Yes, and in reality, too. It’s bureaucratic and not very well run, but it’s beautiful.

It wasn’t silly to me. I saw messages graffiti.d on walls.

True, but that’s usually done by wanna-be artists on railroad tracks.

Idk, the clip didn’t cover the subject.

And yet you wrote…


Most likely*.

That’s right and true.