Generally speaking, we’re doing nothing about space. We meaning the human race. NASA has pretty much given up on human missions and Russia doesn’t have the money to try. India is stepping up but they just had a big failure. I’m generally for space exploration mostly because I don’t trust humanity not to blow up this planet and I’d like the species to survive.

I’m in! There should be a global accord on space exploration.

From the same post in the Trump thread, “A secretive war game that examines combat in space kicked off this week in Alabama.”

So if it’s all about satellites, getting a solar powered phone charger would probably be a waste of money, I’m guessing.

My own opinion of prepping is that you have no idea what emergencies are coming so it can’t hurt to be a bit prepared. Don’t take it to extremes, but buy that power bank. You can get good ones for under $30. You might only use it when the power fails for a few days but that’s fine.

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The Chinese are getting serious. If they really land on Mars next year, they’re a player.