Snow snow snow

6 inches of snow between yesterday and now.

@MidKitten Same up here a few hours north of you, Holly. Horrible. I hate winter.

I would be fine with it if they would plow or send my road. It’s a sheet of ice. Been off work for a week (scheduled time off) and been stuck at home (no studded tires on yet).

Got nearly a foot in total I think. Truck is iced over. I moved the car but so may cops causing around I didn’t want to get mistaken for actually driving on a road way and get a $231 fine for driving with a visually impared vehicle.

I caught a head cold/sinus infection. Went outside with the boys to sled and didn’t realize me hair wasn’t throughly dry. Been sick since Tuesday. Still have stuffy nose. Oh well. Even prior to covid stuff I rarely can smell or taste due to sinus issues.

God. Pretty in a way, as long as you can enjoy it from inside. I don’t know what your forecast is like but they tell us it’s getting worse up here this weekend. More snow and freezing rain.

Supposed to be rain I think. I have to go back to work on Momday so it better clear up.

Cloudy. High wind advisory, chance of rain.

I don’t have studded tires yet, but I do have 4 wheel drive. I usually leave my house (yes we bought our own home finally), around 4:15am, meet my parents to hand the kids off to them at 5am, get to work by 6:30am. The roads have a steep decline. If I slide off the road, I’ll land in a farmers cow pasture. I nearly hit two cows that escaped their pasture last year

I still need to get a dash camera.

no snow at all here:(

:wink: happy new years everyone!

Happy New Year!

MidKitten, may I ask where you work and what you do because that seems to be a long way to commute to work?

Sissy. You can enjoy it from the outside too if you wear a coat, gloves and a sock cap.

Lovely photos, MidKitten. Apparently, it isn’t extremely cold. It doesn’t appear your water has frozen yet. We’re getting rain here right now. I hope it freezes so hard I can’t drive for a week.

A foot? Geez! That’s deep. I live in southern Oklahoma so we have never even seen snow that much snow. I love snow. If I had a foot I’d be out there building myself a snowman.

You’re not alone. They won’t plow my road either. I doubt they even have snow plows here. We’re lucky just to get a little salt.

With the right foods, you can heal your own body. Happy New Year, MidKitten.

that’s me behind the mountain

this from tic tac
that’s me behind the dune

this from telegram
that’s me between the raindrops

this from the apple app store
that’s me behind the tree

hey mister that’s me up on the jukebox

That me, lowering you a bottle of water.

That me behind you, with a loaded gun in both hands.

I’m not there. Too old for me. :grimacing:

that’s me behind the water molecules

AgeofGrace, I’ll private message you…

I am not comfortable saying what I do for a living.

I am lazy too. I get to work early-ish so I can park in a more convenient space than I would if I get there later. Sometimes parking is so bad, there’s more people driving in than spaces. Oh well

Did I post my pond freezing over? I’ll post a new one later. It’s thoroughly frozen now. I have seen the neighbor cat’s paw prints in the snow and ice per the pond heheh. I have a bird feeder near by that is almost empty (just bought a new bag of seeds for them and need to bring it out.)