Should the COVID Vaccine be Mandatory?

Should the COVID Vaccine be Mandatory?
  • Yes
  • No

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I voted yes although I would also be satisfied with just putting those who don’t take it in concentration camps.

Send them to Oklahoma!

I know at cape cod hospital they will not let you in the building if you refuse a flu shot. That makes working difficult. It might not be mandatory but there might be so many jobs that require it, it might happen by default.

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If I still had the data center, nobody would be allowed in without showing proof of vaccinations. I don’t still have the data center, of course, but I would be very surprised if many other business owners didn’t feel the same way.

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I should add I meant they will not let employees in the building. We don’t go that far at my hospital but if you are employee that refuses the flu vaccine you have to wear a mask. So really, you can’t tell who refused it.

should that question be taken seriously?
should wedding cakes be in the supreme court?
get vaccinated or not
who cares

This would be true if the only one affected by your vaccine is you. It isn’t. Your vaccine affects whether you will spread the disease to others. No vaccine is 100% effective so you could actually infect someone who had the vaccine. The chances of that are 20 times lower if you get vaccinated.

the chance of that being bullshit is 100 percent

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The vaccines are claimed to be 95% effective. That’s 1 in 20. I know, I know, don’t believe the studies, believe a fat Dutch bisexual vaccine denier.

we all can make claims, its quite easy to do and especially handy if you want to make money or be a hero

This isn’t just a claim. It is a peer reviewed study involving tens of thousands of participants. That said, I would be surprised if it was quite that high in the real world, especially with the mutations.

Still, the chances of spreading the disease will surely be far lower if you’re vaccinated than if you aren’t. No bullshit involved.

there is nothing sure unless you blindly accept the words of the ones that make money of this

maybe in the real world the chances of spreading of the disease will be higher for those that have been vaccinated?

time may tell, or not

Well, if I had my way this would certainly be true because the unvaccinated would be in concentration camps.

luckily you are the one in a concentration camp and your nazi ideas mean nothing lol

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I’im in quarantine for another week, true. Pit Bulls are banned in much of this country. They are banned in all of Colombia, my other country. Vaccines are unlikely to be mandatory in either country but special privileges for those vaccinated are almost certain to happen in both. It’s not perfect but it’s not bad.

EDIT: Special privileges for the vaccinated will likely also happen in the Netherlands, which will amuse me.

its good to be easily amused;)
people can and should decide for themselves who to do business with (and lose money, human dignity and braincells doing so if they want to avoid non-vaccinated people)

Agreed, and let the consequences fall as they may. My guess is that the consequences for refusing a vaccine will be quite onerous to some (and not at all onerous to others). Travelers like me will likely not be able to function at all without a vaccine. People who work online and don’t travel much and who live in cities where everything can be delivered should be fine.

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yes unfortunately this insane created situation will only get more crazy and divide and harden people more

the lesser rich people or those that cannot or dont want to adapt/obey wont have that easy choice of getting things delivered or finding other workarounds

instead they might decide to throw some bricks through some windows of shops that deny people that are not vaccinated or do things even worse

I just heard that everyone that got the smallpox vaccine in 1798 is now dead. So maybe they don’t make you immortal after all. That was before bill gates came around.

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